11 Best Referral Software Tools to Help Grow Your Business

Have you heard about referral marketing but are unsure how to get started? Or maybe you’ve received a few referrals and want to know how to get more? Either way, using the best referral software can simplify the process, allowing you to focus on other parts of your business.

Referral marketing is rewarding existing customers for referring new people to your business who may become customers.

This is an effective type of marketing that produces high-quality leads and helps to grow the reach of online stores and local businesses.

It also keeps your current customers happy, increasing customer loyalty.

Let’s look at some of the best referral marketing software on the market today and what each can do for you.

The power of word of mouth and referrals shouldn’t be underestimated.

According to statistics, people are 4x more likely to make a purchase when referred by a friend, and customers acquired through referrals have a 37% higher retention rate.

If you want to implement your best referral program ideas, read on to learn about eleven referral marketing software tools that get clients incredible results.


best referral software

InviteReferrals is a referral marketing software that’s easy to implement to help grow your business and acquire new customers.

It’s currently trusted by over 20,000 customers worldwide and can be integrated with a range of e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce and used across multiple devices.

InviteReferrals works like this:

  • A customer invites a friend through a referral program
  • Friend decides to accept and installs the mobile application
  • InviteReferrals sends the referrer a coupon as a reward

Using this referral marketing software gives you access to in-depth analytics, a range of customizable campaigns, and multiple referral and social sharing options that can be implemented easily without any advanced coding or tech knowledge.

Free trial: 14-day free trial.

Paid Plans: Basic $99/month, Standard $249/month.

Referral Candy

Referral candy

Referral Candy is a referral marketing software platform allowing clients to set up their own referral programs.

Trusted by over 3,000 e-commerce stores, it’s one of the most effective referral tools that’s easy to use and implement.

You need to set up automated invitations asking customers to join your referral marketing program and send these out via email, social media, or popups on your website.

And you can keep an eye on referral sales, the number of new customers that have joined, and which referral partners have referred the most traffic to your website on the analytics page.

If you’re looking for a trusted referral marketing partner, Referral Candy is a great option.

Free trial: 30 days.

Paid Plans: Premium $59/month, Plus $299/month. Save 20% with yearly plans.

Referral Rock

best referral software

Referral Rock is another top referral program software that helps B2B and B2C businesses drive more shares and brand awareness.

Using Referral Rock you can create an on-brand referral marketing program in days and share it across multiple marketing channels.

And you can measure your referral campaign results and understand referral behavior so you can tweak your campaigns and get more conversions.

A few things you can do with Referral Rock include:

  • Customer referral programs
  • Affiliate and partner programs
  • Offer incentives that align with your brand
  • Integrate with a range of different apps
  • Offer your advocates multiple ways to share

Free trial: 30-day free trial.

Paid Plans: Starter $200/month, Growth $400/month, Established Business $800/month.

Referral Factory

best referral software

Referral Factory is an easy-to-use referral program software solution that helps you to build referral programs with zero coding skills.

You get access to over 100 referral program templates designed by experts from Referral Factory. You can automate referral campaigns so you’re continually asking customers for referrals without doing extra work.

Once your customized referral program is built, you can market it to your customers and monitor your results in the Referral Factory client dashboard.

Plus, this referral marketing software supports third-party integrations with platforms such as:

  • HubSpot
  • Sales Force
  • Intercom
  • Zapier
  • Zoho
  • WooCommerce
  • Mailchimp
  • ConvertKit
  • Many more…

Free trial: 15-day free trial.

Paid Plans: Starter $99/month, Basic $200/month, Pro $300/month, Enterprise $1400/month.


best referral software

Extole is a referral marketing platform that helps its clients get more customers and increase revenue.

Using Extole, you can create personalized referral marketing campaigns and engage customers with a range of incentives such as coupons, points, and gift cards.

A few of the available acquisition programs on Extole include:

  • Refer a friend
  • Drop a hint
  • Welcome offer
  • Influencer marketing

You can also use sweepstakes to get current customers excited, grow your marketing list, and encourage new purchases.

Free trial: Not mentioned.

Paid Plans: Pricing is not displayed on the website. Contact them directly for more information.



Upviral is another great referral marketing software that’s currently used by over 32,600 businesses like ClickFunnels, HubSpot, and Foundr.

They provide tested and proven templates so you can:

  • Boost audience engagement
  • Expand your reach with social media sharing
  • Fill your email list quickly
  • Launch products successfully
  • Generate a buzz for promos
  • Run referral programs
  • Create custom and seasonal campaigns

You can easily customize your referral campaigns with the drag-and-drop editor and connect Upviral to various marketing tools such as HubSpot, AWeber, Drip, ConvertKit, and hundreds more.

Free trial: 14-day free trial.

Paid Plans: Starter $79/month, Business $119/month, Premium $299/month.



Ambassador is a complete word-of-mouth marketing and customer loyalty platform that allows you to design incentive-based programs to acquire better customers quickly and easily.

By creating unique links and QR codes, your customers can share them online and in person. Or, you can even add QR codes to receipts, yard signs, and mail flyers.

The benefits of using Ambassador as your referral marketing solution include:

  • Easy to set up
  • Customizable branding
  • Flexible integration
  • Detailed analytics and advanced referral tracking software
  • Multiple reward options
  • Great customer service

Free trial: Request a free demo.

Paid Plans: Starter $250/month, Professional $750/month, Enterprise/custom pricing.

Referral SaaSquatch


SaaSquatch is a powerful referral software that helps marketers and business owners drive more referrals from their websites and e-commerce stores.

Using this referral software, you can create:

  • Customer referral programs
  • Cash-back referral campaigns
  • Employee referral programs
  • VIP programs
  • Welcome offers
  • Point marketplaces
  • Much more…

Trusted by a range of saas companies worldwide, this is a flexible referral software solution to start creating reward programs. Plus, you can enjoy award-winning customer service.

Free trial: Email to request a free demo.

Paid Plans: Referral $1,750/month, Loyalty $1,750/month. Both also incur a setup fee.

Mention Me

Mention Me

Mention Me is a referral program software that helps you acquire more customers through word-of-mouth marketing and tracked referrals.

You can create A/B split tests for your referral campaigns in just a few clicks, so your results constantly improve over time.

Plus, you can deliver rewards easily to the referring customer and new customers and keep an eye on referral data in your analytics dashboard.

Free trial: Not mentioned.

Paid Plans: Not stated on the website. Email sales for more information.


Friend Buy

FriendBuy offers some of the best referral programs and loyalty programs for a range of brands and businesses.

Customers can share their referral links anywhere and start earning points to redeem for custom rewards.

Using this referral solution, you can build referral programs, offer referral rewards, create A/B test campaigns, and track your results.

Not only that, but you can grow your phone and email subscriber lists with effective integrations.

Free trial: 30 days.

Paid Plans: Starter $249/month, Deluxe $749/month, Enterprise/custom pricing.



VYPER is a referral program software that allows you to run a range of marketing campaigns to engage your audience and create brand loyalty.

One of the best referral marketing software tools, you can set up loyalty and reward programs, giveaways, and referral campaigns to increase customer acquisition.

Design beautiful referral campaigns with zero design knowledge and create viral contests to increase the shareability of your content.

And choose to launch your campaigns via customized landing pages, website-embedded forms, a chat widget, or a combination of all three.

Free trial: Free for an unlimited amount of time.

Paid Plans: Enterprise $149/month, Agency $299/month.

Final Thoughts on the Best Referral Software

Those are the best referral marketing software options that’ll supercharge your customer acquisition and help keep your existing customers happy and loyal.

Setting up your own customer referral program is one of the most cost-effective and successful ways to do this and is well worth including in your marketing arsenal.

And once you’ve created an effective referral campaign, you can branch out to create your own affiliate program and use affiliate marketers to market it online.

Want more ways to reach customers? Check out the best SMS marketing platforms and these top all-in-one marketing platforms to help grow your business.

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