InMotion Hosting Review 2023: In-depth Look With Uptime & Speed Test

inmotion hosting review

Product Name: InMotion Hosting


InMotion Hosting is one of the best web hosting with a sensible price point. You can expect world-class infrastructure backed by prompt service from InMotion Hosting Only.

Well, InMotion Hosting has been growing consistently since 2001. I have heard a lot about this hosting since 2010, the day I started this blog ( A few months back while we were searching for an affordable host for one of our projects, InMotion Hosting caught our attention.

Based on the research that I made while searching for a new reliable host, I decided to create an in-depth InMotion Hosting review for my blog’s visitors as well.

Ask yourself, do you know everything about InMotion Hosting’s features, plans and pricing? Should you choose InMotion Hosting for your next project? We will cover everything here in this review of InMotion Hosting.

Before that, what exactly is the purpose of a good web host, and what actually, should we expect?

A professional online presence is essential for every business to reach the masses in today’s day and age, a good hosting service provides a useful set of features (not gimmicks) at a sensible price point.

To make sure your message or business proposal reaches the appropriate audience and makes your individuality/brand known, you need a reliable hosting service by your side.

If your business booms or sees unexpected growth your hosting provider should be able to scale up your resources according to the visitor influx you are expecting.

Most important but often overlooked is the customer service, It is only natural that your website will run into some technical difficulty every now and then, so it is key that you opt for a hosting service that provides round-the-clock customer support.

inmotion hosting review 2023

About InMotion Hosting

Established in 2001, InMotion Hosting carved a unique identity of its own by offering customers a different experience along with value-for-money products.

The company claims to have a massive user base with more than 375,000 WordPress installations. Not only that, but they also claim to have the most website transfers in the industry.

InMotion Hosting has a huge team of 300+ professionals to look after each and every segment of their hosting service, as you would expect from any top-tier hosting provider.

Regarding the reliability, you will get a 99.99% uptime guarantee and 24×7×365 technical support.

InMotion Hosting offers users around-the-clock troubleshooting support. Their technicians are available on-site throughout the day and night, and you can reach them through phone (yes, they provide support on call), live chat, or ticket system. 

Here’s the catch though:

Any company can claim anything about itself, I will aim to find out if their services are really worth your hard-earned money through this post as I put InMotion through our standard series of parameters mentioned below:

  1. Features
  2. Plans and Pricing
  3. Scalability
  4. Transferability
  5. Server location
  6. Uptime and Response time
  7. Customer support

InMotion Hosting Features

Let us now discuss the key features offered by InMotion Hosting.

  1. Professional Email address

Are you okay with unprofessional, generic Gmail kind of email IDs for your blog or business website?

Obviously NO.

Your customers would take you seriously only when you have a unique email id like (email protected).

Any reliable and secure hosting service makes sure to provide their customers with an email address that showcases their website’s name and makes it easy for potential customers to remember the name of your website.

InMotion Hosting fulfils this need by providing InMotion Hosting webmails to all their customers, which gives users a sense of authenticity when looking up your website.

  1. Free Domain name

If you go ahead with yearly billing cycles you are eligible for a free domain name in all applicable hosting plans. Except for the entry-level plan, all hosting plans come with a Free Domain for one year.

  1. Data Backup

Although their backup service is chargeable, they rely on cutting-edge technology to backup and restore customers’ data.

You can add storage at any time to your backup reserve simply by tapping the notification once your current storage is nearing its limit.

You even have the ability to automate your backup process, so you can back your data up every day automatically without having to worry about data loss or remembering to back your data up every single time.

  1. eCommerce web hosting

Few providers hosting services are actually compatible as a full-blown marketplace, with the support for e-commerce themes, plugins and other schemes offered by the hosting service such as business affiliate programs.

InMotion has a huge library of predesigned ecommerce themes which you can use as-is or customize to your satisfaction.

  1. Website security DDoS protection and free SSL certification

To keep trolls and hackers away basic security is necessary for every website owner, InMotion Hosting websites come preconfigured with DDoS protection and SSL certification which allows you to use HTTPS protocol.

  1. Website builder

Their unique website builder, BoldGrid is built from the ground up, which is really helpful for non-designers and non-coders in mind.

You have a simple drag and drop functionality that lets you place any feature on any place inside your webpage, and give the webpage your own unique touch without needing to type a single line of code.

  1. PCI compliance

PCI DSS is a set of requirements set forth to ensure and certify companies that use secure payment gateways to process, store or transmit credit card transactions.

InMotion is PCI compliant and follows their guidelines to the word.

  1. No hidden charges

Not exactly a feature but a noteworthy offering nonetheless. Unlike most providers that try to sneak costs inside your billing cycle, InMotion Hosting never charges you without prior permission.

Plans and Pricing Review of InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting houses all types of hosting solutions under one roof, If you are a hobbyist blogger, an elite business professional, or an eCommerce or enterprise owner big or small, InMotion Hosting has all your needs covered as they have an array of hosting types, namely VPS, shared, and dedicated hosting and even reseller hosting.

They offer full flexibility in terms of billing cycle options, giving monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, 2-year, and 3-year plans, limiting some billing cycles in some of the plans.

The first category they offer is shared hosting, perfect for hosting all kinds of business, personal and e-commerce websites and/or personal or public blogs, The options to choose from are:

Shared Hosting

inmotion shared hosting

This is best for hosting small business websites and any other smaller scale hosting needs since you can upgrade at any time, there are four hosting plans to choose from:

  1. Lite ($2.49/month)

The entry-level lite pack limits you to a meager 1 website, sufficient 10 GB SSD storage, 2x performance, unlimited bandwidth (offered in all plans), free email service and SSL certification.

  1. Launch ($4.99/month)

The mid-ranger launch pack enables free domain name, 2 websites, 50 GB SSD storage along with an enhanced 3x performance, and up to 10 email addresses.

  1. Power ($4.99/month)

For just $3 more, the Power pack provides a massive 50 websites, 100 GB SSD storage, 4x performance and you can avail of up to 50 email accounts.

  1. Pro ($12.99/month)

The top of the list Pro pack combines all the perks of all the packs and extra, up to a whopping 100 websites, 200 GB SSD storage, a super-fast 6x performance and unlimited email addresses.

I have attached a screenshot of their pricing table below:

I have also put together a table that depicts the comparison between their costs on various billing cycles that InMotion offers.

Plan name 3-year pack/month 2-year pack/month 1-year pack/month 1-month cost
Lite $2.49 $3.99 $4.99         x
Launch $4.99 $5.99 $6.99         x    
Power $7.99 $9.99 $9.99         x
Pro $12.99 $14.99 $15.99 $19.99

InMotion Hosting’s shared hosting is not the cheapest option you have in the market. However, the product is still worth it’s pricing.

WordPress Hosting

inmotion wordpress hosting

Their simplest WordPress hosting comes with WordPress pre-installed, free themes, an optimized stack and all the premium WordPress plugins included, along with unlimited email addresses and bandwidth.

A free domain name and SSL certification and Advanced caching for all the customers of this pack.

Best suited for mid to high traffic personal websites or blogs, they offer four plans in this genre.

  1. WP-1000S ($4.99/month)

The cheapest pack offers you only 1 website, 50 GB SSD storage, 4x performance, and advanced caching.

  1. WP-2000S ($7.99/month)

Their next step up is the WP-2000S plan which offers you 2 websites, 100 GB SSD storage, 6x performance along Jetpack personal.

  1. WP-3000S ($10.99/month)

This upper mid-range pack gives you 3 websites, 150 GB SSD storage and an 8x performance boost, along with the same Jetpack personal capabilities paired with a dedicated Opcode Cache Pool.

  1. WP-4000S ($17.99/month)

This is the best and greatest offered by InMotion Hosting in this category.

You will get 6 websites, 200 GB SSD storage, 12x performance along with Jetpack professional and a dedicated IP.

I have also included a table below depicting their prices over different billing cycle options.

Plan name 3-year plan/month 2-year plan/month 1-year plan/month 1 month plan cost
WP-1000S $4.99 $5.99 $6.99         x
WP-2000S $7.99 $8.99 $9.99         x
WP-3000S $8.99 $10.99 $11.99         x
WP-4000S $17.99 $18.99 $20.99 $25.99

Do you know InMotion Hosting also provides WordPress VPS plans?

Yes, Starting just $17.99 per month! You will get unlimited websites, unlimited email IDs, and dedicated resources for a power-packed performance.

VPS Hosting

inmotion vps hosting

VPS by InMotion is powered by UltraStack, fully managed, and cloud-based solely built for scalability. It is designed to keep big businesses and large enterprises in mind.

  1. 2GB RAM ($17.99/month)

The cheapest pack offers 2GB RAM, 45 GB SSD storage, 4 TB bandwidth, 3 dedicated IP and free SSL.

  1. 4GB RAM ($32.99/month)

The mid-ranger pack offers an added 4 GB of RAM paired with 75 GB SSD storage, you get 5 TB bandwidth and 4 dedicated IP.

  1. 6GB RAM ($52.99/month)

This pack gives you 6 GB RAM, 105 GB SSD storage, a whopping 6 TB bandwidth and 5 dedicated IPs.

  1. 8GB RAM ($72.99/month)

InMotion Hosting’s top-of-the-line VPS package includes 8 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, 140GB SSD storage and a massive 7TB bandwidth.

I have compiled a table below comparing the monthly cost that you incur for different billing cycles.

Plan name 3-year plan/month 2-year plan/month 1-year plan/month 6-month plan/month 1 month plan cost
2GB RAM $31.99 $29.99 $41.99 $17.99 $56.99
4GB RAM $41.99 $39.99 $51.99 $32.99 $65.99
6GB RAM $61.99 $54.99 $71.99 $52.99 $86.99

Have you noticed?

The 2GB RAM is available for just $17.99 for 6 months tenure? This is a limited period deal.

Dedicated Server

I have attached a screenshot for this category below so you can compare the pricing side-by-side.

inmotion dedicated server
inmotion dedicated server

InMotion Hosting promises industry-leading hardware with a fully managed solution in this genre, they offer three packs, namely:

  1. Essential ($77.50/month)

Your servers come preconfigured corresponding to the pack you choose, the entry-level essential pack comes with 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 4 Core/8 Thread, data transfer capabilities of up to 15 TB, 1 TB primary SSD and 5 dedicated IP’s.

  1. Advanced ($110.00/month)

The mid-ranger advance pack offers users the same 4 Core/8 Thread CPU with an enhanced 32 GB DDR4 RAM paired along with 2 TB primary SSD storage, 10 dedicated IP’s and the same 15 TB data transfer limit.

  1. Elite ($145.00/month)

The best and top of the line pack which is called “elite” allots customers a high-performance 6 Core/12 Thread computing power along with 64 GB DDR4 RAM, an increased limit of 20 TB on data transfers, 2×1 TB SSD RAID storage for ultra-fast access to your data and a maximum of 15 dedicated IP’s.

  1. CC-1000 ($237.50/month)

For your endless needs, meet CC-1000, it offers an Intel Xeon processor, an unbelievable 128 GB ECC DDR4 RAM, more than sufficient 2×1 TB NVMe SSD m.2 (with RAID included), up to 25 TB data transfer so you never run out of transfer capabilities along with free 15 dedicated IP’s.

  1. CC-2000 ($292.50/month)

You get the same Intel Xeon processor paired with 192 GB ECC DDR4 RAM, 2×2 TB NVMe SSD m.2, and the same addons of 25 TB data transfer and free 15 IPs. 

I have attached a table below comparing the different price of all the above plans when going for different billing cycles.

Plan name 1-year plan/month 6-month plan/month Quarterly plan/month 1 month cost
Essential $139.99 $149.99 $77.50 $159.99
Advanced $189.99 $209.99 $110.00 $229.99
Elite $259.99 $279.99 $145.00 $299.99
CC-1000 $439.99 $469.99 $237.50 $479.99
CC-2000 $539.99 $569.99 $292.50 $599.99

What’s included?

All Dedicated Servers are setup free of cost. InMotion Hosting’s team helps you migrate your existing sites free of cost. cPanel and SSL are also available for free.

Managed Dedicated server solutions are made for non-techies as they are not well versed with server management.

Are you a system administrator or a professional? We have a special deal for you starting @ $57.5 per month. Choose Bare Metal self managed option.

You also get the option to purchase reseller hosting i.e. you can provide your own hosting service to your own set of customers. Let’s discover.

Reseller Hosting

You don’t need to buy and maintain servers if you want to start a web hosting business.

Yes, you heard it right.

Someone looking at starting a hosting business without infra related investment and with absolutely NO technical know-how, this is the perfect package option for you as it is designed for the sole purpose of reselling.

Available billing cycle of 2 year, 1 year, 6-month and 1-month term.

Whether you are just starting or a reselling veteran, they claim to have you covered by offering plans that cater to all sorts of hosting server reselling needs.

  1. Reseller VPS ($39.64/month)

The perfect solution for reselling a high-performance server to your customer, so that you are perceived as a reliable hosting provider.

You are given 260 GB storage, up to 6 TB bandwidth, 3 dedicated IP’s, 5 cPanel’s, and their experts fully manage your servers. They even assist you in the know-how of reselling with a free 2-hour Launch Assist program.

  1. R-1000S ($15.39/month)

The cheapest pack they offer and suitable for resellers who want to target an audience with a relatively smaller business setup.

If you are willing to try how this industry operates, without making huge investments, start with this pocket-friendly plan.

You get 80 GB SSD storage, 800 GB bandwidth, free dedicated IP and 25 cPanel accounts.

  1. R-2000S ($15.39/month)

This pack is aimed at resellers looking to cater to relatively larger corporations or sites with medium to high traffic.

Comparatively, you get 120 GB SSD storage, 1200 GB bandwidth, free dedicated IP, and a sufficient 50 cPanel accounts.

  1. R-3000S ($30.24/month)

This top-level pack is best suited for hosting resellers looking to serve large enterprises and big businesses.

If you have websites that are getting sudden traffic hikes or reach out to you for resource enhancement, this plan will be the perfect one.

Here, you get 160 GB SSD storage, 1600 GB bandwidth, free dedicated IP, 80 cPanel accounts, and fully managed capabilities for 2 hours along with expert advice on how to maximize your reselling monetization.

I have included a table below depicting the aforementioned plans and their costs corresponding to different billing cycles.

Plan name 2-year plan/month 1-year plan/month 6-month plan/month 1 month cost
Reseller VPS $39.99 $50.99 $56.99 $66.99
R-1000S $15.39 $21.39 $23.79 $26.59
R-2000S $15.39 $21.29 $23.79 $26.59
R-3000S $30.24 $41.24 $46.74 $52.24

You get the option to resell WordPress websites i.e. enhance your client’s website with a fully managed WordPress VPS.

Confused? Chat with InMotion Hosting’s team that offers you free consultation and help you choose the right plan.

Custom Web Design Services

This is something unique about InMotion Hosting. From domains to hosting and finally “Website Designing Services”.

What else do you need? If you are someone who is looking for a helping hand from start till the end, InMotion Hosting will beat all its competitors.

Under this section, you can seek expert guidance on website creation on this platform, you are also presented with available services for hiring experts to create websites for you.

You just need to share your requirements, sit back and relax.

Be ready to get thrilled when you get a chance to own a professional-looking and fully functional website exactly according to your specifications.
You can chat with a web design expert on their website, for further guidance, and consultation is free of cost.

My Views On Scalability

Scalability is paramount at InMotion Hosting since they try to cater to a very vast range of people, as we see in their pricing range and the sheer number of options that they provide to potential customers.

You have the option to upgrade your plan at any point in time, and you can add a small army of CPUs to deal with any visitor influx, add storage or improve security at the click of a button.

InMotion Hosting provides specialized infrastructure solutions as well just for the sake of providing the customers adding a whole another layer of scalability to their platform.

For structural integrity and a complete overhaul of your website, you can purchase one of these solutions, namely: 

1. Flex Metal Cloud laaS

2. Hosted private cloud

3. Ceph object storage

As an InMotion Hosting customer you enjoy a 90-day money-back guarantee to ensure you are satisfied with any hosting purchased in a billing cycle of 6 months or more.

However, you are covered by a money-back guarantee of 30 days if you are paying for the services on a monthly basis and/or are a user of their dedicated server options.

How About Free Migration?

A lot of hosting service providers while they promise to transfer the website, you often see downtime during the process. But, with InMotion Hosting, you get zero downtime promise.

You get transferred to their servers for free, with no downtime i.e. you can continue to work on your website with your former host as your transfer process takes place in the background and you are notified once the process is complete.

Other providers that offer this feature are handled by experts at a price or either subject customers to downtime on their website for the duration of the transfer process.

Server Location

Well, this is something that isn’t too great about InMotion Hosting.

Today, even a new entrant like HostArmada is aiming at offering 8-10 different server locations, widely spread across the globe.

InMotion’s in-house data centers are located only in the USA.

The server selection is completely up to InMotion unless you opt for dedicated hosting.

But to their due credit, their servers are located in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. directly on the Internet exchange points (IXP), which is very unique since servers are mostly located miles away from their nearest IXP which results directly in increased loading times since the data also has to travel between the server and IXP.

Uptime And Response Time

Uptime is simply put, the single most important thing that should be kept in mind and tracked regularly after choosing your hosting provider.

You could have the best product in the market or make the most original content, but it will not matter if your website is often down and/or face high loading time or response time.

InMotion Hosting claims an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, which is quite impressive.

I have attached a screenshot below for the recent uptime of InMotion Hosting services:

inmotion uptime

Except for a few months, the server response time has been upwards of 99.99%.

InMotion Hosting’s Speed Test Results

I will now share some of the test results that I performed today on one of my test websites using InMotion Hosting’s server.

Speed, we all know, a critical ranking factor and Google has already confirmed that. Your visitors will not like a slow loading website, so let’s see if InMotion Hosting will be able to retain them.

What I found through GTMetrix

GTMetrix confirmed that InMotion Hosting’s servers are fast. 100% performance score with overall grade – A. I think, there nothing to elaborate on this. Everything seems to be self-explanatory.

Server location was Canada.

gtmetrix speed test

But, this is not all.

For myself and my visitors, I always try to double check the things before reaching out to a conclusion.

This time I used – DotCom Tools’s speed testing platform.

As you can see in the snapshot below, I fired the test from London, San Francisco and Mumbai.

speed test using dotcomtools

Just check the repeat visit time. It was .5 seconds, .5 seconds and 1.5 seconds respectively.

For me, this result through a shared hosting plan without CDN is simply amazing.

InMotion Hosting’s Customer Support Review

Customer support is a part of after sales service. It is also about the culture, ethics and approach towards your clients.

Every major corporation is aware that the only way to retain a customer is to provide strong support and troubleshooting, as and when a customer requires that.

InMotion claims their support representatives are available 24x7x365 and are available through voice, live chat, and ticket system channels.

I decided to put their live chat to the test and noticed that they had neatly categorized support systems that helped me navigate to the specific people I wanted to speak to.

To my surprise, the support representative responded within seconds (even without me being a customer) and was very quick to respond to my questions without pausing or disconnecting in between.

I have attached the screenshots following our interaction below:

chat support of inmotion
chat response inmotion

With InMotion Hosting, you will surely experience the quick response of the service team and willingness to help.

11 Pros & 2 Cons Of InMotion Hosting

My reviews are incomplete without Pros and Cons. I always want my visitors to be aware of all the merits and demerits, which at least, I know about the product.

Pros of InMotion Hosting:

  1. Free Domain (All plans except for entry-level)
  2. Free SSL
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth
  4. A vast range of products
  5. Unlimited email addresses on applicable purchases.
  6. Very high-performance Intel Xeon processors and NVMe M.2 SSD storage allotted to users
  7. Their data centers are located on the IXP which is very rare.
  8. Good Uptime
  9. 90 days money-back guarantee
  10. Excellent customer service
  11. Free site migration

Cons of InMotion Hosting:

  1. No Free Backup
  2. Windows hosting not available


I will now answer some of the important questions about InMotion Hosting.

How long does it take for InMotion’s server to get set up and become fully functional a.k.a deployment time?

The same day, usually within 1-2 hours, however, highly customized dedicated servers can take up to a maximum of 1-2 business days as they require a group of specialists dedicated to the setup.

What are the technical specifications that InMotion Hosting use for its servers?

Dell PowerEdge servers paired with CentOS operating system, depending upon the choice of your plan the corresponding specifications are offered ranging from 16 GB to 96 GB RAM, 4 to 40 processors, and anywhere between 6-35 hard drives.

Do I have to pay the setup fees again in case I upgrade with InMotion Hosting?

No. The setup fee is a one-time payment that is payable during and even that is waived if you go ahead with any year-long plan, in other cases shorter than a 1-year billing cycle, you only pay the setup fees during the initial purchase only and you do not have to pay it when upgrading or downgrading your services.

What if I feel my current InMotion Hosting plan is not serving me well?

If you have a fairly large website that contains tons of videos, images, information and archives, you may feel like your current resources are not sufficient.
You have an option to upgrade, just connect with InMotion Hosting’s customer support and they will set you up with more resources according to your demands.

What if I am unable to make my website on InMotion Hosting website builder, even basic drag and drop is tricky for me.

You may not want to make your own website for a number of reasons, whatever it may be. InMotion Hosting does provide you the option to hire web design experts who can create your website for you at a reasonable cost.

InMotion Hosting’s Alternatives:

While InMotion Hosting is one of the best web hosting in the world, you still might want to have a look at some of its alternatives. Here are some of the best competitors of InMotion Hosting, offering almost the same level of performance:

  1. Bluehost
  2. HostArmada
  3. HostArmada

What Others are Reading:

It is time now to move towards a conclusion.

Conclusion: InMotion Hosting Review

Do I recommend InMotion Hosting? Yes, I really liked the performance, plans, and features offered by InMotion Hosting.

It is very important for any website to stay up all the time and also load fast. Your audience does not care what kind of hosting you go for or how much you pay monthly.

You must analyze your needs, set a price point in mind, do your research and then make a choice.

Day in Day out, 24×7×365, you will find the customer service prompt and helpful.

We tried to be as unbiased as possible and found out that InMotion Hosting checks all the boxes of a top-tier hosting company while maintaining modest costing.

If you are looking for a fast, secure and scalable hosting solution, chances are InMotion Hosting provides a feature set just for you, considering their massive product listing.

InMotion Hosting is highly recommended by us if you are looking for a top-notch hosting service at a sensible price point.

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