Google Joins Microsoft To Run Nodes On The XRP Ledger? Here’s The Tea

The crypto community is running with a mix of optimism and caution as rumors fly about Google’s possible engagement with the XRP Ledger. 

Google And XRP Ledger Buzz 

CEO of Alpha Lions Academy and Head of Social Adoption at XRP Healthcare, Edo Farina, released a screenshot on X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday, showing data of computers running nodes on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) and their IP addresses. 

In the list of addresses, an IP said to be hosted by US tech giant Google, was displayed. Google’s LLC was also listed as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). 

From the data displayed, Farina had concluded that Google was running XRPL nodes similar to Microsoft, a leading global vendor of computer software that runs an XRPL validator node via its Azure Blockchain as a Service (BaaS). 

“Following Microsoft steps, more recently GOOGLE is currently running XRPL nodes,” Farina stated.

The speculation of Google running a node on XRPL caused a stir in the XRP community as many community members are hopeful that Google’s involvement in XRPL would boost the position of XRP in the crypto market. 

There have also been mixed reactions in the community, with some members raising doubts and attempting to provide more clarity on the data disclosed in the screenshot.

A prominent XRPL Ambassador, Daniel responded to the post, stating that the IP thought to be owned by Google was a google cloud platform IP address which is likely a result of someone running Ripple on Google Cloud’s infrastructure. 

“This is Google Cloud IP, it’s more likely that someone runs rippled on it, which means a customer is doing it,” Daniel said.

XRP Price chart from (XRP Ledger)XRP market cap currently at $33.008 billion. Chart:

XRPL Layer-2 Platform Update

Evernode, a layer 2 smart contract solution built on the XRP Ledger recently released an update regarding its launch. 

The platform has scheduled its launch target date for the 27th of November and following the smart contract platform’s takeoff Evernode has announced it would plan an airdrop to XRP investors who hold a large number of Evers. 

About 5,160,960 Evers would be distributed to XRP holders with at least 50,000 XRP tokens on XRPL to their Xahau wallets.. 

The platform has also made a few changes for the upcoming beta tester airdrop, incorporating a 500 Evers fee for registration and airdropping a full gift to beta hosts during the launch. 

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