InfoLinks Review: How to Make Money Online with In-Text Advertising


You can make good amount of money with this Ad network if your website gets majority of traffic from US and currently they are accepting websites and blogs of all sizes.

Infolinks is one of the most popular and widely used in-text advertising programs on the internet,  and except you live in a cage, I get you’ve heard it mentioned on blogs severally.

From experience, one of the various confusions most bloggers often encounter after setting up their blog is deciding which monetization strategy to go for, this is because there are numerous ways you can make money from your blog and if you’re not careful, you may end up choosing the less efficient ways.

When I started blogging some years ago, Google AdSense was the almighty blog monetization method for bloggers in fact, in those days. If you don’t have an account with them, you’re considered a less serious blogger because you will find it difficult to make money.

InfoLinks Review: In-Text Advertising Network

As a result, Adsense became a demi-god as time goes. Applying and getting Adsense approval became a tiring process for many people, that’s not all; the worst part was that Google started limiting people’s account anyhow.

Between 2012-2014, many people including big marketers like Zac Johnson, Spencer Haws, and Eric Gatti got banned from Adsense for no good reason.

Google Adsense Ban

As a result of this, people started losing hope on AdSense, the fear of getting banned too became the other of the days hence, the need to look for other alternatives as a backup in case you got slapped by Adsense too.

This was one of the things that brought about the birth of other in-text advertising programs including INFOLINKS. Although, some of the programs like infolinks have been existing before then, but they weren’t popular.

Today, InfoLinks has grown to become one of the best sources of income for bloggers who are fed up with AdSense.

Check out the screenshot from, you will notice that Harsh Agrawal has indeed earned a lot of money from InfoLinks in the past.


Luckily for bloggers today, there are many Google AdSense Alternatives, that will earn you truckloads of cash once you know how to utilize them.

Today’s post is about InfoLinks review which is one of the leading in-text advertising programs right now.

If you’re looking for a more promising way to make money from your blog, InfoLinks is an excellent choice, to begin with.

About InfoLinks Review

Infolinks came into existence in 2007 and since then, they have helped thousands of publishers make extra bucks from their websites. Most publishers are satisfied with InfoLinks in-text advertising ads and are using it as a good alternative to Google AdSense.

Interestingly, lots of publishers are turning to this network as they are finding it hard to get Google AdSense approval as I mentioned earlier due to their strict TOS. The good thing is that you can use InfoLinks ads on your website alongside other well-known advertising networks like Adbrite, Chitika, Google AdSense, etc.

This ad network uses some keywords from a website to showcase advertiser’s ads. Blog readers will see these in-text ads as the normal links they’re already used to hence, it will result in lots of clicks and money to be made by the publisher. In a nutshell, the more clicks you get from your visitors, the more money you will make from InfoLinks. That’s it!

Why Some People Choose Infolinks Over Adsense

It will not be surprising to say that InfoLinks has become many publishers favorite today. Like I stated above, people are beginning to prefer infolinks over AdSense because of some obvious reasons. The major one being the fact that it’s application process is not as tedious as that of Adsense.

Similarly, they offer various advertising products such as in-frame, in-text, in-fold, and in-tag (more about this later). These advertising styles helps to overcome banner blindness which is why AdSense gets less percentage of click owing to the fact that people still ignores banners.

Aside all that, infolinks also have easy withdrawal process of your revenue than AdSense, and they don’t require any specific widget boxes before you can add them to your site.

Take a quick at the demo video to see Infolinks in action.

A Quick Star Guide To Installing InfoLinks Ads On Your Site

Their Ads integration into a website or blog is as simple as ABC.

The first thing is to create a publisher account with them after that, the next thing will be to copy and paste the Java Script code in your website. If you are running a WordPress based blog, InfoLinks integration can be much easier as there are plugins available to help you.

Just like Google AdSense, you don’t have to place the java script code in places where you want to show their ads manually. You just need to add their code once into your website, and the rest will be taken care of by their automated system. You can also use their Official Plugin to easily achieve this.

The moment you’re done adding the code, they will start generating textual ads for certain set of keywords from your website pages automatically. That simply shows that using InfoLinks ads is easier than using any other money making alternative source like AdSense etc.

The best part is that you don’t need to have a very high traffic website or blog to start working as a publisher with InfoLinks. You only need a genuine website with decent content and traffic to get approved into their marketplace. Within five minutes of integration, you should start seeing Infolinks Ads installed and running on your website. So it’s very quick and easy.

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Customizing InfoLinks Ads to Make More Money

You can customize their ads to a great extent to increase your income. Below are some strategies you can implement to immediately start making more money from your InfoLinks ads:

Using Ads with Single Underline

You can configure your InfoLinks ads to show the ads highlighted by either single or double underline. Lots of monetization experts suggest going for the single underline ads because it will make your in-text ads appear like normal links, and there is every chance that your readers will click on those ads because they’re placed within your website content.

Ads Blindness

To ensure the in-text ads appears like the normal links on your site, it is advisable to set the color for your ads to be the same as the regular links on your website. Website links are often shown in red color, and thus you can think of equally showing your text ads in red color to match with regular links.

So your website readers will be unable to differentiate between normal links and text ad links. Doing this will potentially boost your InfoLinks earnings to a great extent. By default, InfoLinks ads are shown up in green color and they don’t perform well as they often don’t match up with regular link color on your website pages.

Going for High Paying Keywords

To further boost your InfoLinks earnings, you should start making use of some high paying keywords that are related to your chosen niche. Tools like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool can be used to discover some good keywords related to the topic you’re writing on.

Theodore, whenever you’re writing your blog posts, you should always try to target some high paying keywords this way, you will be able to get better earnings for every click made on your InfoLinks ads. But always endeavor to use relevant keywords only in your article.

I can’t stress enough about the importance of finding the right keywords for your articles. The more high traffic keywords you find, the more relevant ads InfoLinks will serve on your pages and more money you’ll make.

Turning InfoLinks Ads On/Off

You can decide to prevent InfoLinks ads from showing on some pages or section of your website, and this can be achieved by simply turning it ON or Off. For instance, you can choose not to show the ads on your websites sidebar, header or footer.

InfoLinks Support System

infoLinks has a very active and supportive customer support. If at any point, you encounter a problem regarding ads integration, their customer support is always there to assist you. Just ask your questions, and you will get an answer within 24 hours.

InfoLinks Payment System

The wonderful thing about InfoLinks is that they pay their publishers on time. Publishers can either use Prepaid MasterCard by Payoneer, Paypal, Bank Wire, ACH (Available for US Accounts only) to receive their payments from InfoLinks. For Paypal and Payoneer, the minimum payout is $50 and for Bank Wire and ACH, minimum payout it $400.

So it’s advisable that you get a Payoneer or PayPal account if you want to be getting fast payments to your bank accounts as you only need to make $50 from InfoLinks ads if you link your InfoLinks network with Paypal.

However, in case you don’t reach your minimum payout amount in any month, your earnings for this month will be added to your text month earnings. They keeps a revenue ratio of 70:30 with their publishers which is the highest revenue share given by any advertising company in the industry.

According to a report, the Google AdSense team pay up to 68% of total revenue to their publishers through their PPC advertising program.

Earnings Report Dashboard from InfoLinks

With InfoLinks, you can keep track of your earnings from your Publisher Dashboard. For instance, it is possible to track what you earned from your account today, this week, this month and even this year. Apart from this, you an equally track vital stats related to CTR, eCPM and impression count, etc. from your Publisher Dashboard.

InfoLinks Payment Proof

The InfoLinks Earnings Screenshots below is just to motivate you to consider it as one of the best Google AdSense alternatives to:

Weekly Earnings Screenshot

InfoLinks Weekly Earnings
InfoLinks Monthly Earnings

Monthly Earnings Summary Screenshot

InfoLinks Monthly Earnings Summary

Note: I’m not using InfoLinks on this blog anymore, the above screenshots were posted to serve as a proof to show that you can equally earn decent money each month from InfoLinks.

Latest Development on InfoLinks Front

If you remembered, InfoLinks started their ad network with intext ads but now they are offering three more ad type to their publishers which include: insearch ads, intag ads and inframe ads. So if you are a Publisher with them, you should be able to earn more money via their ads.

InText Ads

As the name suggests, the ads will display as textual links on your web pages. With this ad pattern, some keywords from your website content will automatically be converted to ads and your site visitors will see these ads as common links.

You will customize these type of ads to a great extent; you can change their color and like I earlier said, you will have the option to display your ad with a single or double underline. This is the BEST pattern to go for if you want to make more money from InfoLinks ad network.

Intext ads

InFrame Ads

You should use this type of ads on your blog if you discover that most of your blog readers are using big size screens to read your contents. You can get this data from your Google Analytics account under Technology –> Browser & OS –> Screen Resolution. Here is a screenshot showing visitors screen size that had visited Bloggers Passion blog recently:

inframe ads
Screen Resolution Statistics Bloggers Passion

InTag Ads

This type of ads is similar to InText ads we discussed above, but in this case, your ads are shown as tags instead of links. InTag ads are created using related tags and tag cloud. You can customize these ads as per your website design and they will shows as a collection of tags in between your website content.

Intag ads

InSearch Ads

This kind of ads will help you monetize your search engine traffic and will have no impact on your website returning visitors. These ads will be shown to your website readers who end up landing on an unobtrusive overlay ad.

Infolinks team is claiming usage of insearch ads could lower down the bounce rate and also can improve your website overall seo as in this case, they are serving engaging ad units to your website users.

insearch ads

If you have any doubts like how these ads will show up on your website content, you should check their demo section. By looking at this link, you will have a clear idea of all ad types that you can implement on your website and how they will look on your website.

Let’s now talk about few notable advantages of using InfoLinks ads on your sites.

Advantages of InfoLinks Network

Here are some advantages you will enjoy while using InfoLinks ads on your websites and blogs:

  • You do not require extra space to show InfoLinks ads on your websites. You can show InfoLinks ads as normal links so that your visitors see them as internal links not as advertising links.
  • Click through Rate (CTR) remains on the higher side most time as their ads are placed within website content. However, ensure you’re not using too many InfoLinks ads just to increase click through rates else, you’ll end up getting a bad user experience (UX) which might end up hurting your websites!
  • You can easily install their ads on any website or blog. All is required of you is to add a simple java script code on your website.
  • Like I stated earlier, you can use their ads on your website along with other popular advertising networks like Chitika,, Google AdSense, etc.
  • You don’t need to have a high traffic website to join them. Getting a decent amount of targeted traffic from other sites, social media, search engines can greatly help you increase your earnings.
  • Their ads is easily customizable.
  • Fast approval
  • Without hurting your site loading time, you can use InfoLinks ads
  • Quick payouts (usually you will get paid once you made a minimum of $50 to your Payoneer or PayPal account after 45 days)

Disadvantages of InfoLinks Network

With lots of advantages, you will notice few disadvantages with this in-text advertising network from InfoLinks Company:

  • Earnings per click can be smaller when compared to Google Adsense earnings.
  • If majority of your website traffic is not from the US, your CPC will remain on lower side.
  • Using too many InfoLinks ads on your web pages can ruin your readership in the long run.
  • To be honest, InfoLinks ads are mostly useful when your site is relatively new, once it starts getting more visitors, you will actually scare your visitors by using InfoLinks ads. So if you’re getting more traffic, either consider affiliate marketing or any other high paying income source for your sites.

Have you ever used InfoLinks in-text advertising ads on any of your website or blog in the past, please share your good or bad experiences about them in the comments section below.

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What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is the 3rd largest publisher marketplace joined by over 100,000 publishers to monetize their content.

How can I join Infolinks?

One can easily join Infolinks by submitting a simple form. Your application will be reviewed by their team and once approved you can integrate their script code to your website and start earning money.

How much can I earn from Infolinks?

Your earning depends on the different products on your site and your audience engagement with the ads placed.

How can I earn from Infolinks?

It depends on the number of views and clicks counts on the ads placed on your website.

Can I use Infolinks with AdSense?

Yes, you can use Infolinks with Google AdSense.

How do I add Infolinks code to WordPress?

You can copy and paste the code received from Inflilonks in your website HTML pages before the tag or you can use their plugin for WordPress.

Final Thoughts About Using InfoLinks

Although there are many ways to make money blogging, InfoLinks still can be considered as one of the easiest ways. Making money from InfoLinks is really easy and does not require any special skill, even a new blogger can make money by increasing website traffic.

The good thing like I mentioned above is that getting approval of InfoLinks is a cakewalk and you won’t find any strict rules in InfoLinks as you find in Google AdSense. There are mostly no strict banning when it comes to InfoLinks ads.

If you’re tired of AdSense and want to try a new source of income to boost your website earnings, try InfoLinks ads. You’ll have a lot of fun while using it, if you think you’re annoying your visitors, you can try other passive income sources like affiliate marketing, banner selling, direct advertising etc.

InfoLinks network is also for those bloggers whose AdSense accounts never get accepted. On a side note, please read this post if you really want to get your AdSense accepted.

I hope this InfoLinks review will enable you to understand how infolinks work so, it’s time you take the bull by the horn and get your own account. If there’s still anything you don’t understand about this ad network, ask me via the comment section or, you can also reach me through the contact form on this website.

So what are your thoughts about using InfoLinks on websites? Do you think using InfoLinks is still a good way to start making money blogging? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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