Hypotenuse AI Review: Is This The Best AI Writing Assistant?

This Hypotenuse AI review is my firsthand experience of “test-driving” the AI copywriting tool.

As a writer, one is often called upon to do a mixture of writing every day. This can vary from blog posts to product descriptions and social media ad copy.

So, how do you get your mind around all this?

Well, fortunately, there is Hypotenuse AI!

I tried this writing tool, and I was impressed!


In this Hypotenuse AI review, I will take a closer look at the following aspects of the AI tool:

  • Key Features
  • Support
  • Pricing
  • Pros & Cons
  • Hypotenuse AI Alternatives

If you want to skip my review, you can get Hypotenuse AI right here.

Hypotenuse AI Review

  • Features

  • Ease of Use

  • Performance

  • Price

  • Customer Support


Hypotenuse AI is a writing assistant and text generator that uses natural language processing to quickly create quality content. It provides about 30 templates for a variety of use cases. Hypotenuse is best for writing up-to-date articles and generating product descriptions. The bulk product description feature is especially impressive.


  • User-friendly
  • Fast content generation
  • Generate bulk product descriptions
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Great price


  • No semantic keyword suggestions
  • Image generation needs work

Hypotenuse AI Review: Overview

Hypotenuse AI is an easy-to-use natural language processing AI writing tool. It covers all the basics of content creation.

Hypotenuse AI landing page

I signed up for the free seven-day trial. They don’t ask for your credit card details like others often do.

I was impressed by the step-by-step tutorials on the uncluttered dashboard of the Hypotenuse AI website.

Take a look at what I learned.

Hypotenuse AI Features

Hypotenuse AI comes with a range of 30-odd templates covering all sorts of use cases, including those you’d expect for writing blogs, product descriptions, and ads.

Here are some of the other templates that caught my eye:

  • AI Tweet Generator
  • PDF Summarizer (HypoDoc)
  • Press Release Generator
  • YouTube Description Generator
  • Professional/Author/Instagram Bio Generators
  • Rewording Tool
  • Sentence Rewriter/Rephraser
  • Meta Title Generator
  • Meta Description Generator

And then there is HypoChat (an AI chatbot). With Hypo Chat, you can quickly create written content based on up-to-date facts from the internet.

But let’s get back to Hypotenuse AI’s main features.

Write Articles & Blog Posts

Hypotenuse AI has an easy-to-follow workflow when it comes to writing articles and blog posts.

And it’s really fast – you’ll get a perfectly good first draft in a matter of seconds.

As expected, you start the process by describing your topic.

You then have the option of generating a few titles. Choose one (or write your own), and continue to the outline. Here, you can add key points under headers and generally adjust the outline to suit your needs.

The handy Content Detective tool (available for each heading) searches the live web for top results and provides up-to-date key talking points with sources to reference. I used it to add some benefit talking points to my article.

This outstanding feature is unique to Hypotenuse AI and saves you research time.

Blog outline with Content Detective.

Now, you are ready to generate the article.

Hypotenuse AI produced a very good first draft with no grandiose AI-lingo or annoying repetition.

The paragraphs were way too long, and a heading was repeated, but all of this is easily fixed.

Generated blog.

You can also add keywords for the article topic and select your tone and length of the article.

Additional customizations include:

  • What point of view should the content be written in 
  • More information about your brand, products, or services
  • Target audience

Hypotenuse AI boasts that its content is SEO-optimized. You can add up to three keywords per blog. They recommend you use only one primary keyword per article. That’s not really enough to optimize content for SEO.

Edit and Prepare to Publish

You can edit the generated blog post and more.

  • Add detail with the Compose feature: Compose recognizes commands and patterns in your content and then adds more detail from where your cursor is positioned.
  • Check for plagiarism: This feature is powered by Copyscape, a top internet plagiarism checker, making it really easy to double-check that your content is unique. I tested it out with some old content I’d written, and sure enough, the tool worked perfectly.
  • Translate the content: More than 25 languages are available.
  • Share the article publicly: Click the ‘Share' button, then ‘Publish' to get a public link for your article to share with anyone. It’s an easy way to get team feedback or share your work with the world. 
  • Export or download: You can export directly to WordPress (you just need to connect your WordPress account). Blogs can be saved as drafts or published immediately. Alternatively, you can download the AI-generated content in PDF, DOCX, or TXT format.

I got to play around with the plagiarism checker in the free trial, but it is only available with Hypontenuse AI’s Teams and Custom packages.

More Useful Writing Templates

Here are some more useful content-writing templates.

  • Sentence Expander: Enhance the clarity and detail of your writing. 
  • Paragraph Generator: Describe your topic, and Hypotenuse AI will instantly generate a paragraph for you.
  • Paragraph Rewriter: Refresh your content with this tool. You can add keywords or choose a tone.  
  • Ghostwriter: This is helpful when you are suffering from writer's block. Provide your topic, hit Generate, and Hypotenuse AI will present you with the first draft. 
  • Blog Ideas Generator: Come up with new ideas for your blog in seconds.

Create Product Descriptions

Hypotenuse AI has features and workflows specifically designed for e-commerce use cases – including direct integration with Shopify.

The tool works with Product Catalogs. A catalog is a collection of products organized by season, brand, type, or any other attributes you may choose.

So, to start, you create and name a catalog.

Then, you can add individual products to the catalog or import them in bulk.

Single Product Descriptions

I tried the single product description option.

Here is the input I provided – the rather lengthy description comes straight from Amazon.

Product description input.

Then, you simply hit the Generate button. Hypotenuse AI provides a “Fresh” and a “Creative” version for each product description. This applies to the standard plans. You have more options on the Custom plan.

Product description.

As you can see, Hypotenuse AI does an excellent job of “humanizing” the unwieldy Amazon text!

Instead of just listing features, it turned those into high-converting benefits too!

The generator has clearly been trained on many copywriting formulas and best practices.

I selected the “Fresh” option. With a touch of editing, it will be perfect!

When you press Done, the product with its new description is saved to its catalog. From there, you can export it to a CSV file for uploading to your CMS.

This impressive feature is not only for physical products – you can use it for services and listings (like real estate listings), too.

Generate Bulk Product Descriptions

If you need to create many product descriptions for your e-commerce store, doing them one by one would be very time-consuming.

So, Hypotenuse AI provides a facility to import products from a CSV file and generate descriptions in bulk.

The tool shows you an example CSV file layout. You can also use a custom layout and just map your columns to the product generator input fields.

Example bulk product description input file.

You have the option to add five keywords for each product.

The generation process can take a few minutes (depending on the size of your file). After that, you are presented with all the product descriptions to review, edit, and select.

As with the Hypotenuse AI blog article writing tool, translation into other languages is supported.

The output is a CSV file containing your original input data, with the new product descriptions appended to the end of each (product) row.

You can even use the bulk product description tool to rewrite existing descriptions.

The bulk product description generation process is a real lifesaver if you have an e-commerce business or sell products on your website.

Of course, there are other options. Read our article on ten of the best product description generator tools to boost your sales.

Draft Ad Copy

Information about Hypotenuse AI’s ad generator tools appears to be hard to find.

Nevertheless, I give the Facebook ad template a go.

This is the input I provided.

Input to Facebook ad.

As you can see, I had no opportunity to add my own image.

Here is the output I got.

Facebook ad.

Great stuff – except for the mismatched image!

As far as I could tell, Hypotenuse also has the following templates for generating ads:

  • Ad Headline Generator
  • Ad Copy Generator
  • LinkedIn Ad Generator

Generate Images with HypoArt

Now for some fun!

Keeping with my theme of the rollator, I asked Hypo Art for a real-life photo – these are the options I got.

Hypo Art - real-life photo.

Three out of four hit the mark. Not bad.

I would have liked to use the image in the bottom left corner, but it seemed a bit blurry.

So, I decided to try some artwork. This is the input I gave Hypo Art.

Hypo Art artwork input.

And this is what it produced.

Hypo Art - artwork.

Again – not very impressive. One image could possibly qualify as a person using a rollator, but from the back and way off in the distance, it is hard to tell.

I played around with Hypo Art a bit more, but I must say I was underwhelmed. This is not a feature I would use.

Instead, read about the best AI generators for creating unique visuals.

Hypotenuse AI: Who Should Use It?

Hypotenuse AI is a simple solution for you if:

  1. You are a content creator looking to increase your content production and want to write high-quality content quickly.
  2. You run an e-commerce business and need to produce outstanding product descriptions at scale.
Who Should Use Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI Support

What would my Hypotenuse AI review experience be without testing the support team’s effectiveness?

I’m not talking about the awesome Guides section filled with articles and videos or the FAQs section. I mean the actual interactive email and chat support manned by humans.

Hypotenuse AI Support

Their responsiveness impressed me – it took them less than 15 minutes to reply to my first query.

Disappointingly, though, the support team does not appear to be available after-hours.

Hypotenuse AI Packages & Pricing

Hypotenuse AI has a word-based pricing model.

Hypotenuse AI Pricing.

The Individual plan will suit solo content writers, bloggers, and social media managers with basic needs. It allows for a single user and costs $15/mo ($12 annually).

This plan gives you 20,000 words per month, limited access to Hypo Chat, and bulk workflows.

The Teams package is perfect for teams of up to five. It costs $59/mo ($49 annually).

It includes everything in the Individual plan and increased access to HypoChat, unlimited images, and 25 plagiarism checks.

The Custom plan (priced individually) is best suited for large companies.

It comes with an overage buffer, which means you can exceed your plan limits by an amount specified in your contract.

With the Custom plan, you get the Team package perks as well as bespoke AI models, templates, and workflows with enterprise-grade security.

Hypotenuse AI Review: Pros & Cons

Let’s skim over the pros and cons quickly!


  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast seamless content generation
  • Bulk product description generation
  • Up-to-date research with the Content Detective 
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • 25 language options
  • Great price for the content quality


  • The plagiarism checker is not available for the Individual plan
  • Ad copy generation could be improved
  • Image generation needs work
  • No live semantic keyword suggestions (like Surfer SEO)

Two Alternatives to Hypotenuse AI

For this Hypotenuse AI review, I narrowed it down to two alternatives: Jasper AI and Copy AI. These writing tools are similar and will do the trick. However, they do cost more.

But for now, I must say I have been impressed by Hypotenuse AI’s simplicity, organized template-style layout, and user-friendly dropdown options.

Jasper AI

Jasper is the leading AI copywriting tool. It can help you write blog posts and basically anything else at a fraction of the usual cost and time.

It’s mainly used for:

  • Long-form content
  • Marketing copy
  • Social media posts
  • Landing pages
  • Web pages and more
Jasper AI landing page

Jasper starts from $39/mo (annual plan).

Jasper AI – Standout Features

  • The ability to generate coherent and contextually relevant content. This is thanks to its deep understanding of natural language.
  • Customizable tone and style of generated content.
  • More than 50 templates, and you can create your own.
  • Offers a customizable chatbot.
  • Provides APIs for developers to integrate Jasper AI into their apps.
  • Based on the GPT-3 model – it’s faster than Hypotenuse AI, which uses Hybrid AI.
  • Has third-party integration with Copyscape, Grammarly, and Surfer SEO.

For more on Jasper, read our Jasper AI review to see if it is still the best AI writing assistant.

Copy AI

Copy AI is known for creating engaging and persuasive short-form AI copy. It has over 90 templates to support you in your content marketing efforts.

Copy AI landing page

Copy AI costs from $36/mo (annual plan).

Copy AI – Standout Features

  • Versatility – With so many templates, you have a structured base to generate just about any type of content you need.
  • Built-in plagiarism checker.
  • Integrations with various platforms and applications make it easy to incorporate AI-generated content into existing workflows and websites.
  • Copy AI does not have a steep learning curve.
  • Supports over 95 languages.
  • Uses OpenAI, so it’s faster than Hypotenuse AI.

Want to know more about this tool? Then read our Copy AI review!

Hypotenuse AI Review: Conclusion

I’ll wrap things up by saying that with the Hypotenuse AI writer by your side, you can look forward to increasing your workload with a smile.

Its interface is uncluttered and easy to navigate – a real treat!

Hypotenuse AI will reward you with original content with a human touch, even though it was generated by artificial intelligence.

It offers a practical range of features at an affordable price point.

Try Hypotenuse AI now!

But if you need more extensive features and don't mind the higher price, then go for Jasper AI.

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