How to Leave a Review on Etsy: Express Your Valuable Opinions Today

Whether you've purchased a new item on Etsy and it wildly exceeded all your expectations or the item has fallen short, learning how to leave a review on Etsy can help both buyers and sellers alike.

But with so many distracting elements on Etsy's homepage, it's hard to figure out exactly where you're supposed to go to leave a review.

We've got four easy steps that guide you through the process and some helpful tips on editing, deleting, and the review requirements.

How to Leave a Review on Etsy: 4 Steps

Typically, Etsy prompts you through email and their platform to leave a review for an item you received. If you missed those prompts, there's still an easy process to find and leave reviews for any orders you've already purchased.

1. Log into your account

Go to the Etsy Homepage and sign into your account.

2. Navigate to Purchases and Reviews

Next, navigate to the profile icon and click on purchases and reviews.

3. Select Your review

Recent orders will pop up on this page. Select the product you wish to leave a review for.

4. Follow all prompts

Now, a small editor will open. Choose a star rating, leave feedback, or add a photo of your product on this page.

A section listing your unreviewed items will be displayed at the top of your purchases page. Select the one you want to leave a review for.

The straightforward review process on Etsy makes it a more user-friendly choice for leaving feedback when comparing options like eBay vs Etsy.

However, sometimes you've followed all the steps above but still can't find an option to leave a review. For those instances, you need the tips below.

Requirements: How to Leave an Etsy Review

Before telling a store just how much you love their products, you must follow a few requirements. These restrictions help the Etsy app become more secure and ease the worries of people wondering if Etsy is legit.

Only Purchasers Can Review Products

Since the review systems were implemented in online platforms, businesses have been trying to game the system to position their company in a better light.

Yelp, a popular review site, even has its own wall of shame to call out all the companies it suspects of foul play.

The Etsy app only allows verified purchasers to leave feedback to prevent this. This means you must have purchased through their platform and then logged in to your account before you can do anything else.

Here are a few instances where you were the verified purchaser but still might be missing your reviews:

  • You originally purchased the item as a guest and need to transfer the item to your account
  • You haven't logged into your account
  • The order has been canceled and isn't available for review

The Order Has an Open Case

Buyers on Etsy who have an issue with an item they purchase can contact the seller customer service directly to settle the dispute.

If the buyer doesn't hear back from the seller within 48 hours of reaching out, they can open a case with Etsy.

As long as the case is open and Etsy is reviewing the situation, you won't be able to leave a review. Only when Etsy has resolved the case can you complete a review.

Here are some restrictions to be aware of before you start a case:

  • You must have an Etsy account before opening a case
  • If you've opened a dispute with your credit card provider, Etsy will not allow you to also open a case for your order
  • Purchases made through PayPal are encouraged to open a dispute with PayPal before opening a case with Etsy

Submit Your Review Within 100 Days

All orders on Etsy are given a 100-day review window to leave a review for a purchased item. If you don't write a review before then, your window of opportunity closes, and you won't be given another one.

The actual start date of the 100-day window begins on the estimated delivery date of your order, not the purchase date. Digital items you purchase will begin when you download your files from the seller.

Even if you decide to open a case with Etsy, the review system isn't adjusted. You must still resolve the case before the 100-day window to leave a review.

How to Edit an Etsy Review

You don't have to suffer for all of eternity because you left a typo in your review or left out that one detail you knew would be helpful for other buyers.

Etsy allows you to edit reviews as soon as you submit them. Here are a few simple steps to edit your review:

1. Log into your account

First select the “sign in” button on the upper-righthand corner of the home page.

2. Click your avatar, then select Purchases and Reviews

Next, navigate to purchases and reviews from the drop-down menu.

3. Select Edit Review

Underneath your original review, select “edit review”.

4. Make corrections and click Submit Review

Now you're free to make any adjustments. There is no limit to the number of edits you can make to your review during the 100-day window.

However, you won't be able to make any changes if a case has been opened or if the seller has responded to your review. All seller responses lock the review and prevent you from making additional edits, even if they delete their response.

How to Delete an Etsy Review

There is no way for Buyers on Etsy to delete their past reviews. You can only edit the review if it falls within the 100-day window.

There is a way for the seller to have Etsy reviews removed, but only if the review violates one of Etsy's policies. This is to keep sellers from trying to remove negative reviews that accurately reflect the buying experience.

Here are the policies Etsy enforces when deciding which reviews to remove:

  • The review includes false or misleading information
  • The review includes inappropriate material
  • The review violates one of Etsy's other policies

The shop owner needs to contact Etsy directly to have a review considered for removal. The decision is at Etsy's discretion, and they are not obligated to remove a review for any reason other than violating their policies.

If the review isn't deleted, you can respond to the review in a professional manner to help provide more context on the situation.

How to Leave a Review on Etsy: Best Practices

It's not easy to learn how to make money on Etsy, so sellers rely on your reviews to attract new buyers and keep their shop at the top of searches.

If you had a great experience with a store and want to help them out with a positive review, here are a few tips to consider:

Leave a Detailed and Factual Review

The real purpose of a review is to set the expectations of other buyers on Etsy. They want to know how the product functions, if the product description is accurate, if the shipping times are reasonable, and if they can trust the seller.

Ensure your review includes all the details you'd like to know before buying, such as:

  • Quality of the product
  • Shipping speed and cost
  • Communication with the seller
  • Any other relevant details about your experience

When you leave a review that accurately reflects your transaction, you're offering an endorsement that can influence the buying habits of other buyers on the platform.

Use Direct Messaging for Personal Concerns

Even if you had a wonderful experience with a seller but have some constructive tips you think would help their store, express these opinions through direct messaging.

A private space to discuss your concerns discreetly allows you to express your opinions without risking harm to the seller's store.

Even helpful critiques like “I would have liked more packaging” could cause a potential buyer to find another store to purchase from.

Add Photos When Possible

Review photos help add more context to your text-heavy review. Etsy allows you to add up to five images per review.

When shoppers see positive reviews with photos, they get more context on how the product actually looks. Here are a few tips when uploading photos to Etsy:

  • Use natural lighting to capture the product
  • Ensure the photo is clear and focused
  • Include images of the product from different angles

By adding photos, you're giving potential buyers a better idea of what they can expect when purchasing from a particular seller. This helps increase trust in the seller and their products.

Final Thoughts: How to Leave a Review on Etsy

Leaving a review on Etsy is a simple and straightforward process. Most of the time, Etsy will do the job for you by prompting you through email or whenever you log into your account. Leaving accurate and helpful reviews that include photos helps sellers and buyers alike get the most out of the platform. While you can always edit a review, you can't always delete one, so write something you wish you knew before you purchased the item.

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