Group Leads Review: Best Tool To Automate Lead Generation From Facebook Groups?

Are you a Facebook group owner looking for ways to deal with new member requests to free up your time? Or maybe you've just started a group and are looking to turn Facebook group members into leads and paying customers? Either way, you might be interested in this Group Leads review, detailing how it can help you out.

Group Leads allows you to create Facebook group funnels so you can automate collecting leads and managing the everyday tasks in your group.

This Facebook lead generation tool can be downloaded as a Chrome extension, is available in English and Mandarin, and will help you save time and money doing tasks that you would either have to complete yourself or pay a virtual assistant to do.

In a hurry? Get a 7-day free trial of Group Leads here.

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Group Leads is a simple-to-use Chrome browser extension that allows you to funnel leads from Facebook onto your email list and manage your Facebook group on autopilot. It has a ton of great features and a 7-day free trial so you can test it out. If you're a business owner, content creator, coach or trainer who wants to convert leads into paying customers, Group Leads is worth using.


  • 7-day free trial to test out the features
  • Group Leads integrates with 26+ email marketing software
  • Fully automate the process of onboarding new Facebook group members
  • Create customized Facebook group funnels to improve lead generation
  • Save time having to manually welcome and accept new FB members
  • Save money paying for an expensive VA to help manage your group
  • Enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easily set up and send automated, customized messages


  • No app. Can only be used on desktop
  • When Facebook makes an update this can cause Group Leads to stop working

How Does Group Leads Work?

Group Leads Review: Best Tool To Automate Lead Generation From Facebook Groups?

The Group Leads extension is easy to install and set up to start automating the daily tasks for your Facebook group. And if you haven't started your group yet, check out our article on how to create a Facebook group.

In a few steps, you can automate filtering new Facebook group members' data to a Google sheet and to your chosen email marketing software:

  • Set up three Facebook group questions for new joiners. Ensure that one question is a request for each new member's email.
  • Install the Group Leads extension. Set up the Group Leads Chrome extension and link it to your Google sheet.
  • Select new member request filters and hit ‘Approve All.' This triggers all your new member's emails to be added to your Google sheet and email list.
  • Find all new group members' data with history in your Group Leads dashboard. Now you can filter and export this data and use it as you please.

Group Leads Review: Main Features

Group leads has all the features required to help business owners deal with new Facebook member requests and funnel group member data into their Google Sheets.

Here's an overview of the main features:

Group Leads Dashboard

Using the Group Leads account dashboard, you get access to a personalized account overview.

Here, you'll be able to see a graph showing your total Facebook leads captured over time, and you can manage your lead data.

Facebook Group Lead Generation

Group Leads review
Group Leads Review: Best Tool To Automate Lead Generation From Facebook Groups?

No need to keep on manually typing new Facebook leads into your Google sheet and email list.

Group leads will save you tons of time by automating the process. Information such as new a member name, email and location will be automatically added to your email autoresponder and Google sheet.

Facebook Group Automatic Approval

Manually approving Facebook group member requests can take hours, especially as the popularity of your group grows.

With Group Leads, you can automatically approve new Facebook group members who meet your strict criteria.

Examples of auto-approval conditions that can be set include:

  • All questions must be answered
  • An email address is given
  • Where the new member lives
  • How long the member has been on Facebook
  • How many friends the member has in your group
  • Number of groups or friends they have in common with an administrator

Auto Decline Messages

Group Leads review
Group Leads Review: Best Tool To Automate Lead Generation From Facebook Groups?

If a potential new member does not fill out your onboarding questions or doesn't meet your criteria, you can use the auto-decline messaging feature to send custom messages.

This helps to give a personalized feel and keeps spammers away from your group.

Auto Decline New Facebook Group Members

Automatically decline new member requests according to their answers.

Using this feature, you can type in negative keywords that people may use that you want to be blocked.

So, if a new member uses one of these keywords in their answers, they'll be automatically refused membership to your group.

Tag New Group Members in a Welcome Post

Group Leads review
Group Leads Review: Best Tool To Automate Lead Generation From Facebook Groups?

Once you start having large amounts of members join your group each day, you can automatically tag them in a welcome post after approval.

This cuts down the time you would normally spend writing and tagging new members each day as they join.

Automatically Send a Welcome Message to New Members

With this feature, you can automatically send welcome messages to new members.

And you can use various customization options such as first name and last name so the message looks natural.

Message New Group Members Before You Approve Them

Group Leads review
Group Leads Review: Best Tool To Automate Lead Generation From Facebook Groups?

This feature allows you to automatically message applicants who haven't completed all your onboarding questions before you decline them.

Detailed Reports with Statistics

Keep an eye on what's happening with your Facebook groups via the automation reports tab in the Group Leads Chrome extension.

How Much Does Group Leads Cost?

pricing plans
Group Leads Review: Best Tool To Automate Lead Generation From Facebook Groups?

Group Leads offers multiple pricing plans to suit different Facebook groups.

You can pay monthly or save 20% by opting for a yearly plan. All plans come with a 100% money-back guarantee. The three Group Leads pricing plans include:

  • Starter. $97/year. All Group Leads features included. 2 Facebook groups allowed.
  • Pro. $127/year. All Group Leads features included. 4 Facebook groups allowed.
  • Unlimited. $247/year. All Group Leads features included. Unlimited Facebook groups allowed.

Is There a Free Trial?

Yes, Group Leads offers a 7-day free trial.

Group Leads Review: Who Should Use it?

Group Leads should be used by business owners and entrepreneurs who want to automate the process of running their Facebook groups and want to turn their group into a lead magnet for email subscribers.

Group Leads Review: Does it Have Good Customer Reviews?

Group Leads has a 4.1 Star great rating on Trustpilot with many happy reviews.

good Trustpilot review
Group Leads Review: Best Tool To Automate Lead Generation From Facebook Groups?

However, there were a few unhappy reviews where customers talk about having issues using the software.

bad review Trustpilot
Group Leads Review: Best Tool To Automate Lead Generation From Facebook Groups?

Is There Customer Support and Help for New Users?

Group Leads has decent customer support options. You can ask a question via their contact form on the website.

You can also email them at (email protected).

Other options for help include messaging them via one of their social channels, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

If you still need help, you can search through their Group Leads knowledge base on their website, which contains a range of articles and video tutorials.

Best Group Leads Alternatives?

If you're not sold on Group Leads yet, check out the best alternatives:


GroupKit is a lead generation software that allows you to collect new Facebook group members' email addresses so you can funnel them into the autoresponder of your choice.

It also allows you to track each group member's pre-approval questions and manage their data for follow-up.

You can activate GroupKit in seconds on your Google Chrome browser and take advantage of a 14-day free trial to test its effectiveness.

Price: Basic $34/month, Pro $48/month.


Group Leads Review: Best Tool To Automate Lead Generation From Facebook Groups?

GroupBoss is a Facebook lead generation tool made for business owners, coaches, content creators, trainers, e-commerce store owners, and FB group owners who want want to collect email leads and make money from their group.

It can be downloaded in the Google Chrome store and easily integrates with all the most popular autoresponders, such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, SendFox, MailerLite, and more.

Using this software, you can automate member request questions, automatically approve or decline members, and funnel leads to your chosen email list.

Price: 7-day free trial. $19/monthly, $99/yearly, $189/yearly unlimited.


Group Leads Review: Best Tool To Automate Lead Generation From Facebook Groups?

GroupFunnels is another lead generation tool that'll save you time and money collecting leads from your Facebook groups.

The GroupFunnels extension can be installed in one click, hooked up to your chosen email autoresponder, and you can set your chosen filters for new members.

You can even take advantage of their special bonuses to grow and monetize your group more quickly with new member welcome hacks training, tech training, and the opportunity to network with other successful users in their online community.

Price: Download the extension for free. $297 for lifetime access.

Group Leads Review: Is It Worth Using?

To conclude this Group Leads review, the Group Leads web app is a useful tool to automate new member requests and funnel leads to your email lists.

It integrates with all the major autoresponders and will save you time and money by automating lead collection.

This means you'll have more time to grow other areas of your business and have to spend less time replying to messages and working out how to get group members onto your email list.

If you're a business owner, content creator, blogger, e-commerce store owner, or coach looking to get more leads and sales from your Facebook group, Group Leads will help you out.

New to Facebook groups? Check out this article detailing do Facebook groups make money and tips on how to monetize your group.

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