Cast for Commissions With The 10 Best Fishing Affiliate Programs Around

Fishing affiliate programs aren't just about casting a line and hoping for the best. They're your ticket to reeling in big earnings in a booming industry!

I'm here to navigate you through these lucrative waters. This article will explore the best programs that hook both avid anglers and newcomers alike.

Get ready to land the big one and transform your strategy with every cast!

The Best 10 Fishing Affiliate Programs

Get ready to dive into the ocean of opportunity with our handpicked selection of the best fishing affiliate programs. Every click could be your next big catch in the marketing sea!

1. Enigma Fishing Affiliate Program

The Enigma Fishing affiliate program stands out for its unique approach and lucrative offerings.

This is a family-owned company that provides anglers with high-quality, affordable gear. It has made a name by selling exclusively online, cutting out middlemen to offer prices 30-50% lower than retail competitors.

Best Fishing Affiliate Program.

Pro anglers use their products to win over a million dollars in competitions.

This program is hosted on ShareASale. Affiliates must join as Pro Staff members on Enigma's website, ensuring a community of passionate anglers.

The affiliate program offers an impressive commission on sales, notably high in the fishing niche. Additionally, there's a long cookie duration. This provides a generous window for conversions, especially considering the premium pricing of their products.

Enigma positions itself as more than a mere e-commerce business. It aims to create opportunities for anglers in professional sports, including sponsorships.

The program also offers free shipping on orders over $150 and discounts for military service members.

Enigma affiliate program is an excellent choice for affiliates in this industry:

  • High commission rate
  • Extended cookie duration
  • Commitment to quality and community
Enigma Fishing products.

Fishing products:

  • Rods
  • Reels
  • Saltwater Equipment
  • Accessories.

Commission Rate: 20%
Cookie Duration: 90 days
Enigma Fishing Affiliate program: ShareASale

2. Bass Pro Shop Affiliate Program

Bass Pro Shops is a well-known outdoor equipment and supply chain. It offers a diverse range of products for various outdoor activities. This makes it an ideal program for those in the fishing and general outdoor niches.

Bass Pro Shop Affiliate Program.

This program is particularly attractive due to the wide range of products in their boats and watercraft range.

The program's comprehensive product range, from standard fishing gear to high-value items like boats, provides affiliates with regular income opportunities. And the potential for significant commissions on larger sales.

Bass Pro Shops' strong brand recognition makes it a compelling option for affiliates targeting this niche.

Bass Pro Shops products.


  • Rod & reel combos
  • Rods
  • Reels 
  • Lures
  • Fly fishing gear 
  • Ice fishing equipment
  • Hunting equipment
  • Camping equipment.

Commission Rate: 5%
Cookie Duration: 14 days
Bass Pro Shop Affiliate program: Impact

3. Tackle Direct Affiliate Program

TackleDirect is acclaimed as the world's premier fishing outfitter. It offers a comprehensive range of over 50,000 products. It is the go-to destination for anglers!

Tackle Direct landing page.

Their inventory spans:

  • High-end fishing tackle
  • Fishing lures
  • Reels
  • Marine Electronics
  • Boat components
  • Safety gear
  • Apparel.

TackleDirect caters to saltwater and freshwater anglers.

The family-owned store is based in New Jersey. It is known for its award-winning service, easy returns, and worldwide shipping.

The program may not offer the highest commissions, but it compensates with support and many products to promote.

TackleDirect presents a valuable opportunity for affiliates, especially with its reputation for quality.


  • Shimano
  • Penn
  • Daiwa
  • St. Croix
  • Berkley Gulp.
Tackle Direct Retail Store.


  • Array of rods
  • Reels
  • Lures
  • Leaders
  • Tackle 
  • Equipment.

Commission Rate: up to 6%
Cookie Duration: Not specified
Tackle Direct Affiliate program: Rakuten

4. Columbia Sportswear Affiliate Program

Columbia Sportswear is renowned for its high-quality outdoor apparel. It offers a specialized range of performance fishing gear catering to every fashion-conscious angler and fly fishing enthusiast.

Columbia sport landing page.

Their product line includes fishing equipment, although they do not sell fishing rods, lines, or lures.

This program is valuable for affiliates offering various products suitable for both beginner and expert anglers.

The program presents an opportunity for earning passive income by promoting a trusted brand.

Columbia sport products.


  • Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Shorts
  • Tackle vests
  • Duffle bags
  • Thermal cases.

Commission Rate: 10%
AOV: $90
Cookie Duration: 21 days
Columbia Sportswear Affiliate program: CJ Affiliate

5. Hook & Tackle Affiliate Program

Hook & Tackle offers one of the best fishing affiliate programs. It is a unique partnership opportunity for websites and businesses passionate about active water lifestyles. They are passionate about marine environment conservation.

Hook and Tackle landing page.

Hook & Tackle is based in Miami and has a heritage deeply rooted in angling and ocean conservation.

While focused on ocean fishing apparel, the program's targeting can be adjusted for specific audiences. Real-time tracking and extensive reporting are available through AvantLink's platform.

Hook and Tackle products.


  • Jackets
  • Accessories
  • Pants
  • Shorts
  • Swimming trunks

Commission Rate: 8%
AOV: $115
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Hook & Tackle Affiliate program: AvantLink

6. Rapala Affiliate Program

The Rapala affiliate program offers a lucrative opportunity for websites to direct traffic to Rapala. Rapala is a premier online store for equipment.

Rapala landing page.

This program caters to fishermen of all skill levels. It offers an extensive range of over 10,000 products across 12 trusted brands.

Rapala is a well-known brand in the world of fishing, particularly for its fishing lures.

Lauri Rapala founded the company in Finland in 1936. She created the first Rapala fishing lure by hand-carving it from cork.

Rapala lures are characterized by their realistic fish-like designs and lifelike swimming actions.

Over the years, Rapala has expanded its product line to include a wide range of gear and accessories. The company's lures and products are popular among anglers worldwide. They are used for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Rapala’s inventory includes everything from specialized lures, which sell 20 million units annually worldwide, to ice fishing accessories, clippers, fish grippers, and scales.

Additionally, the site features a blog with professional tips, product information, and news.

Affiliates earn a 4% commission on all purchases made by new or existing customers, with a special 6% rate for sales of the “StrikeMaster” product line.

The program increases customer satisfaction and trust by offering:

  • Free shipping for orders over $99
  • One-year warranty on all Rapala products.
Rapala products.


  • Fishing rods
  • Reels
  • Lines
  • Other tackles.

Commission Rate: 4-6%
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Rapala Affiliate Program: FlexOffers

7. Discount Tackle Affiliate Program

Discount Tackle offers a comprehensive online store that caters to all fishing needs. It features top brands.

Discount Tackle landing page.

The store is known for its vast selection of items for:

  • Bass
  • Muskie
  • Salmon
  • Walleye
  • Pike
  • Trouts fly fishing.

It Supports both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Discount Tackle offers same-day delivery on most orders and worldwide shipping to over 185 countries. The company stands out for its convenience and efficiency.

The Discount Tackle program is for those who wish to earn commissions by linking their websites to the store's thousands of products.

This program is managed in-house and supported by Affiliatly's tracking software.

Discount Tackle Fishing Reels.


  • Z-Man
  • Daiwa
  • Rapala
  • River2Sea
  • Seaguar
  • Yo-Zuri
  • Sunline
  • Lucky Craft
  • Megabass.

8. EGO Affiliate Program

EGO Fishing is renowned for its superior nets and innovative products. It began with the aim of enhancing the traditional fishing experience.

EGO Affiliate Program.

The company has since expanded its product line to include a variety of gear. All are showcased on a website that emphasizes the power of robust and consistent branding.

Affiliates are provided with creative materials and support for their promotional efforts.

The program includes worldwide shipping. This makes it accessible to a global audience of savvy anglers.

EGO invites potential affiliates to join their program and contribute to their mission of enhancing the fishing experience with innovative products.

EGO Fishing products.


  • Fly boxes
  • Nets
  • Bags
  • Coolers.

Commission Rate: 6 to 10%
AOV: $100
Cookie Duration: 60 days
Affiliate link: EGO

9. Trident Fly Fishing Program

Trident Fly Fishing is based in Portland. It is a major online retailer specializing in fly fishing gear and offers a comprehensive range of products.

Trident Fly Fishing landing page.

The store is notable for its unique “castability guarantee.” This allows customers to try out rods before purchase.

They also boast a YouTube channel with nearly 25k subscribers and a dedicated support team of knowledgeable anglers.

Trident distinguishes itself by focusing on expert customer service and American-made fishing products.

Trident Fly Fishing products.


  • Fly rods
  • Reels
  • Lines
  • Leaders
  • Tippets
  • Wading gear
  • Flies
  • Fly tying accessories
  • Bags
  • Vests
  • Clothing.

Commission Rate: 6 to 10%
Cookie Duration: 60 days
Signup Page: FlexOffers

10. Epic Fly Rods Program

Epic Fly Rods was originally the Swift Fly Fishing Company. It is a renowned industry brand offering a range of products.

With a global customer base, the company stands out for its award-winning rods. It was recognized as the “Best Small Stream Trout Rod” by Field and Stream Magazine.

Epic Fly Rods landing page.

The Epic Fly Fishing affiliate program presents a lucrative opportunity for marketers.

Their high-quality rods, suitable for the backcountry, start at over $500 and can reach thousands of dollars. This leads to a high Average Order Value (AOV).

A hassle-free replacement policy for breakages and international shipping options bolsters the program.

The fly fishing niche might be more specialized, and the products are relatively expensive. But the high AOV, robust commission rate, and widespread acclaim from experienced anglers make the Epic Fly Rod affiliate program an attractive option. Especially for affiliates with intermediate and expert audiences in the niche.

Epic Fly Rod.


  • Rods
  • Kits
  • Blanks
  • Reels
  • Lines
  • Flies
  • Accessories. 

How to Choose the Best Fishing Affiliate Programs

It is important to choose the right affiliate program to ensure your success as an affiliate marketer in this niche. Here are a few points to consider when selecting a program:

  • Commission Rate: Find products or programs that offer good commission rates. Enigma, for example, pays 20%.
  • Product Range: Choose programs that offer a wide range of products to increase the chances of sales.
  • Product Quality: You don't want to promote inferior goods!
  • Brand Reputation: This is the image that a brand has. Only partner with companies that have a sound reputation. This will increase potential customers' trust in the products being promoted.
  • Cookie Duration: There are obvious advantages to working with brands that have long cookie durations. It helps to increase the chances of making a sale.
  • Support: Steady support from the company you’re promoting will ensure any issues are resolved quickly.
  • Payment Terms: Different programs have different payout thresholds and frequencies. You should choose one that suits your needs.
How to Choose the Best Fishing Affiliate Programs

Why Choose Fishing Affiliate Programs?

According to recent statistics, approximately 54.5 million Americans engaged in freshwater, saltwater, and fly-fishing activities in 2022. Recreational fishing is a popular activity in the US!

Recreational fishing is an important economic driver in the United States, generating:

  • $73.8 billion in sales
  • $41.5 billion in value-added
  • $24.7 billion in income 
  • Supported 487,000 US jobs in 2017.

In 2023, the American Sportfishing Association released a report. It highlighted the significant role of the recreational fishing industry in the American economy.

The data reflects angler participation and economic impacts across all 50 states.

America’s 52.4 million anglers contribute:

  • $148 billion in economic output
  • Support 945,500 jobs 
  • Contribute $1.8 billion towards conservation.

Reference material:

Given the significant impact of recreational fishing on the American economy, affiliate marketing has several promising options to tap into this market:

  • Promoting gear and equipment
  • Outdoor apparel and accessories
  • Guides and educational content
  • Destinations and travel packages
  • Boating and marine products
  • Specialized Niches: fly, ice, or deep-sea fishing.

You can attract dedicated enthusiasts within those sub-niches.

Why Choose This Niche

To succeed in affiliate marketing, you should understand the fishing industry's trends and the needs and preferences of enthusiasts. Then, you should develop targeted marketing strategies that resonate with this audience.

Useful Affiliate Marketer Resources

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Then, take a look at some of the best networks to see how they work:

Fishing Affiliate Programs: Conclusion

The waters of opportunity are teeming with potential!

Joining these programs isn't just about hooks and bait; it's about casting your net wide for substantial earnings.

The listed programs have user-friendly interfaces, excellent commissions, and a sea of fishing-focused products.

Seize the chance to turn your love for fishing into a stream of income!

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