Boost Your Channel: 17 Hot Tips to Increase YouTube Subscribers

Want some actionable tips to increase YouTube subscribers?

Whether you want to reach the monetization threshold or earn a golden play button, this article is for you.

Because in this post, we’re sharing 17 ways to get more subscribers and grow your channel fast.

Let’s jump right in.

17 Tips to Increase YouTube Subscribers Quickly

If you want to grow a successful YouTube channel, then increasing YouTube subscribers is a big piece of the puzzle.

Following these tips will not only help you attract more subscribers but also help you add value and build a thriving brand.

1. Create Videos That Your Audience Will Love

Before you can increase YouTube subscribers, you need to make sure your content aligns with your audience.

Without the right content, your viewers are less likely to subscribe to your channel.

Finding YouTube video ideas that resonate with your audience can be carried out in a couple of ways.

One of the easiest ways to brainstorm ideas is to use the TubeBuddy extension.

This tool will help you generate content ideas your target audience truly craves, improving their chances of subscribing to your channel.

Using the Keyword Explorer feature will also help you analyze keyword search volume and competition so you can target content that has a higher chance of ranking.

Another way to find content ideas is to check other channels in your niche.

This manual approach involves looking at the channel’s list of videos and clicking on the “Popular” tab.

post great content to increase YouTube subscribers

This will reveal all of that channel’s content that has performed well for them. It also shows you what your audience is already watching, so you aren’t needing to reinvent the wheel.

All you need to do is replicate these videos in your own way.

Following this YouTube content strategy will ensure your channel gets the exposure it needs to earn more subscribers.

If you want to get the most out of TubeBuddy and grow your channel super fast, you can get more details here.

2. Ask People to Subscribe

This simple tactic might seem way too obvious or too simple to be effective.

But the opposite is true.

The fact of the matter is that most people who watch your videos will never subscribe to your channel.

For example, in almost every video, Steven Bartlett mentions something very important at the beginning of his videos.

He states at 1 minute 30 seconds that around 70% of people who watch his videos aren’t subscribed to his channel. He then asks his viewers to subscribe.

Addressing this early on in the video is a great way to convert non-subscribers. And the way Steven shares his stats is a great way to make his audience feel like they’re part of his YouTube growth.

Here are a few other ways to ask people to subscribe:

  1. Milestone celebration: Help us reach 10,000 subscribers and unlock a special giveaway
  2. Personal connection: When you subscribe, it’s a vote of confidence in our shared journey
  3. FOMO: Subscribe, or you might miss when we publish new videos

3. Use the PA(S)S Framework

The key to gaining more subscribers on YouTube is in your intros, and there’s no better way to captivate your viewers’ attention than with a copywriting formula.

Specifically, the PAS framework, which stands for Problem, Agitate, Solve.

This copywriting formula is typically used to sell a product or service. However, it can also be used to get people to click that subscribe button.

I’m calling this formula PASS because you’ll ask the viewer to “Subscribe” before moving onto the “Solve” stage.

Here’s how you can use it in your YouTube videos:

  1. Problem: State a problem your audience might have that the video will help them solve
  2. Agitate: Emphasize the pain of this problem to make it feel real
  3. Subscribe: Ask the viewer to subscribe
  4. Solve: Explain how to solve the problem

Here’s what this might look like in a video about growing vegetables:

Problem (0:00-0:20):

Start by mentioning a common problem related to growing vegetables.

Example: “Are your vegetable plants not yielding as much as you hoped?”

Agitate (0:20-0:40):

Dig further into the pain.

Example: “This can be really disheartening when you’ve put in so much time and effort.”

Subscribe (0:40-1:00):

Transition to the subscription call-to-action.

“If you’re struggling with this issue and need more help, make sure you subscribe for more tips on growing an epic vegetable garden.”

Solve (1:00-15:00):

Move on to the main part of the video that solves this problem.

“Now, in this video, I’ll share the most common reasons your vegetables aren’t growing and how to fix them. By the end of this video you’ll know exactly what to do.” Continue solving the problem…

Following this formula is extremely effective for a few reasons. It lets your viewers know they’re in the right place, it highlights their pain points, and it keeps them watching until the end of the video.

But most importantly, it increases the chances of fly-by YouTube viewers becoming subscribers.

If you want to get more subscribers on YouTube, you have to add as many opportunities for viewers to subscribe as possible.

That includes adding a subscribe URL in the description box or even pinning it in the comments.

This special link takes people to your channel and shows a popup asking for people to subscribe.

Like this:

increase YouTube subscribers

To add it to your description box, you simply add this string of text to the end of your channel URL: ?sub_confirmation=1

There are a couple of channel URLs that will work. The original channel URL looks like this:[Channel ID]

For example, the Niche Pursuits channel URL is:

To find your channel ID, just click on your channel icon in the top right corner and click View your channel.

You’ll see your channel URL and ID in the URL bar:

The subscribe link will look like this:[ChannelID]?sub_confirmation=1

The other type of channel URL is one with an @username, which looks like this:

For example, the Niche Pursuits username URL is:

You can create your own username by navigating to the Customize channel page and the Basic Info tab:

This subscribe link will look like:

To see the subscribe popup in action, click here and subscribe to the Niche Pursuits YouTube channel.

Add one of these URLs to the top of your video descriptions to get an influx of new subscribers.

5. Share Videos on Other Platforms

This next tip is to simply promote your videos on other sites.

As part of an effective video marketing strategy, it enables people to find your videos without being on YouTube itself.

This will help you get extra views and potentially turn them into subscribers.

The obvious places are social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Then, there’s your blog.

Even if you don’t have a blog yet, you can embed the video into the page and turn the video transcript into an article.

Doing so will help drive traffic to your site and get more exposure to your videos.

6. Use a Winning YouTube Script

Many YouTubers use a script when creating videos, and others just wing it.

For many, a script might seem a little rigid, however, there are some potential benefits to following an outline.

Even if it is a fairly loose one.

For example, this YouTube Script template by Backlinko states that a script will help hold viewers’ attention and prevent the YouTuber from rambling.

Essentially, a script will make your videos more concise and engaging for your audience.

Now, if you want something effective that won’t make you sound like a robot, we can turn to digital marketing legend Frank Kern.

In a podcast episode, he explains his video scripting process, which involves a couple of frameworks.

First, you need to know these three things before shooting your video:

  1. A desired outcome you want your viewers to take (to subscribe, click a link, buy a product, etc.)
  2. Reasons why they should do it
  3. Reasons why they would not do it

Then, he uses a core framework to follow that makes every video engaging and persuasive.

Here’s the core framework:

“Here’s what I got. Here’s what it’ll do for you. Here’s what I want you to do next.”

You then bake the topic of every video around this framework. For example, if you were teaching viewers how to cook a steak, it would look like this:

  • Here’s what I got: In this video, I’m going to show you how to cook the perfect steak
  • Here’s what it’ll do for you: You’ll be confident enough to cook steak for people and get social status
  • Here’s what I want you to do next: Subscribe to the channel to get more steak-grilling tips

Give it a try.

7. Add an Animated Subscribe Button to Your Videos

You’ve probably seen them before. Those animated subscribe buttons that pop up over the top of videos.

These are a great addition because they act as a visual cue for people to subscribe to your channel.

Plus, you can add them to your videos multiple times to remind them to click the subscribe button.

The key is subtlety; the button should catch the viewer’s attention enough but without being distracting.

To add these to your videos, you can download a free template from Pixabay or Canva.

Then, simply use your video editing tool of choice to overlay them discretely on top of the video.

8. Add a Subscribe Watermark

If adding animated subscribe effects to your YouTube videos is a bit technical, then you’ll love this next technique to increase YouTube subscribers.

It involves going into your YouTube settings and uploading a subscribe watermark.

Adding this element creates a clickable link to your channel’s videos and an extra way for viewers to subscribe.

It’s not only convenient, but it acts as a visual prompt to remind people to subscribe to your channel.

increase YouTube subscribers using a subscribe watermark

To add it, go to your YouTube Studio and then Customization from the left menu:

Then, from the Branding tab, scroll down and upload a subscribe image. You can find some free images in this article.

You can also set a custom start time if you want the button to appear later in the video. This can be useful if you ask people to subscribe in your intros.

Now, when people watch your videos and hover over the icon in the bottom right corner, they’ll see a button to subscribe.

9. Post Consistently

Having a consistent post schedule can also help you maintain a steady flow of subscribers.

Partly because it creates a sense of reliability but also because it benefits the YouTube algorithm.

Initially, you could choose any day and time of the week to post your video content. Then, you can set a permanent fixture when you know the best time to post on YouTube based on your analytics.

Sticking to this schedule will help the algorithm predict the best times to promote your content to the right people.

10. Create a Trailer for Your Channel

A trailer video is another excellent way to influence people to subscribe to your channel.

It sits on the home tab of your channel and invites interested viewers to learn more about what you have to offer.

Creating a YouTube channel trailer is a great way to connect more with your audience and build rapport.

To create an effective trailer video, here are a few guidelines to follow outlined in this article:

  1. Make it short
  2. Mention who your videos are intended for
  3. Explain why people should listen to you
  4. Share why you started your channel
  5. Explain how you can help
  6. Ask them to subscribe

11. Increase Video Watch Time

Another way to increase YouTube subscribers is to get people watching your videos to the end.


It’s twofold:

  1. The more of the video viewers see, the more they’ll value it and are likely to subscribe
  2. More watch time can increase viewership because it’s a ranking factor

So, in other words, the more of the video viewers watch, the more people will see it, increasing your subscriber count.

But how do you improve your watch time?

Here are a few guidelines, as outlined in this article by Backlinko:

  1. Nail the first 15 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention
  2. Add pattern interrupts such as jump-cuts, camera angle changes, B-rolls, and on-screen graphics to keep people engaged
  3. Include open loops that preview something coming up in the video to keep people watching until the end
  4. Keep it moving by making the video concise and to the point
  5. Use YouTube analytics to spot Peaks and Valleys and optimize future content based on this data

Implementing these tips will improve watch time and audience retention and help you gain more subscribers.

12. Get More Video Clicks

YouTube views are essential if you want to get more subscribers.

So optimizing your videos is an excellent way to boost viewership.

This can include implementing things like YouTube SEO or creating playlists your viewers will love.

For example, if you optimize your YouTube playlist title and description with keywords your audience is searching for, then more people will find your content.

Next, you want to focus on making your thumbnails look great. Don’t just use the auto-generated thumbnail YouTube creates.

increase YouTube subscribers using better thumbnails
Great thumbnails stand out better.

Use a tool like Canva with striking colors and text that clearly describes what your video is about.

Finally, you’ll want to pay attention to your video titles because an unoptimized video title can make or break your watch count.

Titles should include a keyword your audience is searching for. You can use a tool like TubeBuddy to find these.

Then, add a power word or curiosity to your titles to make them stand out.

13. Engage With Your Audience

According to YouTube data, there’s a clear correlation between replying to comments and gaining subscribers.

When you respond to comments, it makes you stand out from other YouTubers, building a solid connection and loyal fanbase.

You can also ‘like’ users’ comments, answer questions, and pin comments to show your appreciation.

YouTube will pick up on this interaction and reward your videos and channel with the algorithm.

That’s why you hear YouTubers ask for people to Like, Comment, and Subscribe, because they know it favors the algorithm.

This will further encourage new viewers to subscribe when seeing your channel as a thriving social community.

14. Nail Your YouTube Niche

Your niche is possibly the most important aspect of your YouTube channel.

If you target too broadly, your viewers won’t feel like you’re talking to them, which won’t build a solid connection.

But how do you find your YouTube niche to build a trusting fan base and increase YouTube subscribers?

First off, you want to define your audience avatar. This is a fictional character that resembles your ideal YouTube subscriber.

Defining this will help you get to know the type of person you want to help and understand them better.

As a result, it’ll be easier to find quality content ideas and build a stronger bond because each viewer will feel like you’re talking directly to them.

Second, when choosing your niche, think about the overall problem your audience is facing and the outcome they’re looking for.

This will help you captivate your audience’s attention because you’re communicating their pain points and desires more clearly.

Overall, narrowing down your niche makes you stand out as an expert because it’s more specific, resulting in a boost of loyal subscribers.

15. Collaborate With Other YouTubers

Another clever way to get more subscribers is to collaborate with other YouTubers.

This technique involves sharing something valuable with another YouTuber on both of your channels.

Then, both audiences get introduced to each content creator, resulting in subscribers on both channels.

To be successful with this technique, Marques Brownlee suggests choosing YouTubers with some overlap to your own content, like a Venn diagram.

You’ll need to put your creative heads together so the content expresses both your unique talents and personalities.

Plus, you can share a different angle or perspective that fits in with your respective audiences.

The end result is a collaborative video for each channel that subscribers from both channels will love.

16. Harness the Power of YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are the newest format for YouTube videos that were launched in 2021.

Since then, millions of YouTube Shorts have been uploaded to the platform and receive an estimated 50 billion views daily.

increase YouTube subscribers with Shorts

These short 60-second clicks are a great way to add value to your primary content, attracting more viewers and increasing YouTube subscribers.

Not only that, but they can act as a call to action for viewers to subscribe to the channel.

Furthermore, if you meet the requirements for the YouTube Partner Program, you can add YouTube Shorts monetization and earn money from your videos.

To get started, a simple strategy is to repurpose your main videos as Shorts. You can then add text overlays on the video and a link back to the related video for even more engagement.

17. Utilize the Video End Screen

The last tip for gaining free YouTube subscribers is to add a YouTube end screen.

This is a 5 to 20-second clip at the end of your videos that acts as a placeholder for clickable content.

And this includes a clickable subscribe link.

You can add a YouTube end screen in a couple of ways. One way is to simply extend your video with a blank background for 5-20 seconds.

Another way to add an end screen is to use a tool like Clipchamp, which provides a library of ready-made templates.

increase YouTube subscribers with an end screen
YouTube end screens available on Clipchamp.

You choose a template you like, make some edits, and download it to add to the end of your videos.

Then, you can add clickable links to other videos, a playlist, and a subscribe button to encourage even more subscribers.

Increase YouTube Subscribers in Conclusion

When you implement these actionable tips, increasing YouTube subscribers becomes more of a science than a guessing game.

Essentially, it comes down to finding what works for you.

When you find something that brings consistent results, you can ramp up content production for even more YouTube subscribers.

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