Audiio Review: Your Best Solution for Music Licensing?

Have you ever felt lost trying to find that perfect tune for your video project? Digital music licensing can seem like a maze. This Audiio review will explore an innovative platform designed by an inspired team of ex-ad agency creatives, filmmakers, and musicians.

Audiio claims to be your compass in music industry licensing, and it's on a mission to empower storytellers with the finest music available.

This Audiio review will explore the platform's offerings, from its user interface and music selection to innovative features like Linkmatch AI.

So, read on to discover whether Audiio truly lives up to its promise of helping users find that perfect track.

  • Ease of Use

  • Performance

  • Customer Service

  • Price


Audiio is a great platform for premium music licensing. With its user-friendly interface, diverse genre selection, and cutting-edge AI technology, it offers a seamless experience. The flexibility of its subscription options and comprehensive licenses make it the ideal choice for users in search of worry-free music solutions. Try Audiio for free here.


  • High-quality music licensing platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • Diverse genre variety
  • Innovative features like LinkMatch AI
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Comprehensive licenses


  • users have reported difficulty in reaching customer support
  • the cancellation process is not clear
  • lifetime membership does not offer SFX

Audiio Review: Overview

audiio review

Audiio is a music licensing platform designed to simplify finding and acquiring high-quality music for creators. The Audiio team collaborates directly with a vast network of labels, publishers, and independent musicians.

This ensures the recruitment of talented artists who are perfect for synchronization. Fresh new music is added daily, and the platform also offers over 30,000 sound effects.

Audiio has successfully licensed music in over 180 countries. It caters to various projects, from nonprofit fundraisers to global television advertising campaigns.

How Does Audiio Work?

Audiio offers licenses that cover any project, regardless of its scale or purpose. It makes the otherwise complex process of music licensing simple.

Users can use the music they find on Audiio for anything:

  • Personal vlogs,
  • Commercial film projects,
  • Ads,
  • And more…

And there's no need to worry about legal complications.

User-Friendly Interface

One of Audiio's key features is its user-friendly interface. Users can easily browse through various music genres and curated playlists.

You can sort music by genre, mood, instrument, tempo, and duration (more on this later), making it super easy to find the perfect track.

And the embedded music player allows continuous browsing while listening to tracks.


On Audiio, you'll find thousands of high-quality tracks from over 450 diverse artists.

The platform provides various genres, making it easy for creators to find the perfect project soundtrack.

Sound Effects

In addition to music, Audiio also provides a vast library of sound effects.

These can be instrumental in enhancing the overall impact of a project. You'll find effects created by some of the top sound designers for LucasArts, Lionsgate, and Netflix.

Whether you're looking for the sound of nature, cityscapes, or specific actions, Audiio likely has what you need.


Audiio also offers curated playlists. These playlists are organized by mood and genre.

This is a great starting point for those uncertain about what they want.

These playlists range from “Epic Cinematic” to “Electric Feels” and help streamline the music selection process. You can also create your own custom playlists.

LinkMatch AI

One of Audiio's standout features is LinkMatch AI. This innovative tool uses artificial intelligence to help users find songs similar to ones they already like.

Users find a link to a track they like, and LinkMatch AI will provide a list of similar music available on Audio.

This is a game-changer for those with a specific sound in mind but struggling to find what they're looking for.

Who Is Audiio Best Suited For?

Audiio is great for anyone needing high-quality music or sound effects for their projects.

It's an ideal platform for:

  • Filmmakers and Video Editors: Audiio's expansive library of music and sound effects can enhance the emotional impact of films and videos. The diverse selection makes finding the perfect track for any scene easy.
  • Ad Agency Creatives: With a wide range of genres from cinematic to indie, pop, and ambient, ad creatives can easily find the right music to complement their campaigns.
  • YouTubers and Content Creators: The simple licensing terms make Audiio an excellent choice for YouTubers and other online content creators. There's no need to fret about copyright issues.
  • Podcasters: Audiio's sound effects and background music can add depth and interest to podcast episodes.
  • Musicians and Artists: Using LinkMatch AI, musicians can discover similar tracks to their style, potentially inspiring new creative directions.

Audiio Review: Pricing

Audiio offers various pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of its users. Each has been designed to meet the specific requirements of different types of users.

Here's a closer look at what each pricing plan offers:

Creator Plan

The Creator Plan is Audiio's entry-level option for individual content creators. It's perfect for enhancing projects like social media content or podcasts with high-quality music.

Here's a closer look:

  • $14.99/month
  • Designed for individual creators
  • Ideal for personal projects on social media or podcasts
  • Includes YouTube monetization rights for one channel
  • Does not cover client or commercial projects

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is an upgrade from the Creator Plan, offering extensive access. Ideal for personal or client projects, it grants full access to Audiio's song and sound effects library.

Here are the details:

  • $59/month
  • Caters to both personal and client projects
  • Allows access to all songs and sound effects on the Audiio platform
  • Includes YouTube monetization for an unlimited number of channels
  • Includes access to the LinkMatch AI search engine
  • The license covers distribution on all platforms, including events, local broadcast television, and social media platforms
  • Suitable for you and your end clients up to 100 employees in size

Lifetime Membership

For unlimited access to Audiio's music library, the Lifetime Music Membership is your best choice. This plan is a one-time investment that grants perpetual access to every song on the Audiio platform:

  • $299 one-time payment for a lifetime music license
  • Provides access to every song on the Audiio platform
  • Offers unlimited downloads
  • Suitable for you and your clients up to 100 employees in size
  • Includes access to new music added each week
  • Does not cover distribution rights for TV, OTT, SVOD, or theatrical releases

Enterprise Plan

Audiio's Enterprise Plan is designed for large organizations with 100+ employees. It provides a complete music solution for businesses, covering all usage types.

Here's what it offers:

  • Designed for large organizations with over 100 employees
  • Allows multiple users and covers all types of usage from social media to global broadcast TV
  • Includes a dedicated account manager
  • For pricing details, customers need to contact Audiio directly

Audiio Customer Support

According to user reviews on Trustpilot, Audiio is known for its helpful service.

Many users praise Audiio's support team for prompt responses and assistance. However, some have reported difficulty getting in touch with their staff.

While a dedicated support team isn't explicitly mentioned on the website, a detailed FAQ section addresses common questions and concerns. They also have a simple contact form on their site.

My Personal Experience With Audiio

I have a YouTube channel where I narrate scary stories. It's been a fun project, and good audio is key for this kind of channel.

So far, I've solely used YouTube's library of stock music to avoid any future copyright problems.

This was the perfect chance to create an Audiio account and experience firsthand what this platform could offer.

Here's my experience:

Sound Effects

audiio review

After signing up, I immediately went to the sound effects section of the site. I enjoy finding ambient and eerie sounds like thunder, rain, or droney-type music.

I liked the layout and spent time exploring and favoriting different sounds.

Here's how Audiio organizes their sound effects:

  • Cinematic Collections: This section includes cinematic-themed collections such as ‘Fierce', ‘Momentum', and ‘Aura'. They offer a range of immersive sound effects to enhance the depth and atmosphere of your visual narratives.
  • Featured Categories: Here, you'll find a curated selection of sounds for specific themes or settings. For example, categories like ‘Whoosh', ‘Weather', and ‘Technology' contain a variety of fitting sounds.
  • More Categories: Audiio offers several additional sound categories, including, but not limited to ‘Cinematic', ‘Animals', ‘Sports', and ‘Sci-Fi'. Whether you need ambient sounds for a specific atmosphere or unique sound effects for your scenes, you'll find it here.


audiio review

The next section I explored was Audiio music. The layout was clean and simple to navigate.

Here's what you'll find in the music section:

  • Mood: This feature allows you to select music based on the emotional tone you want to set in your content, such as ‘chill', ‘cheerful', ‘aggressive', and more.
  • Genre: From pop and rock to classical and jazz, this category helps you sort music according to your preferred genre.
  • Instrument: If you're looking for a particular instrumental sound like ‘guitar', ‘piano', or ‘percussion', this section will guide you to the right tracks.
  • Video Theme: This category is designed to match the theme of your video project, helping you find music that fits scenarios like ‘travel', ‘sports', ‘nightlife', etc.
  • Build: This feature allows you to choose music based on its dynamic build, such as ‘ascending', ‘descending', or ‘multiple crescendo'.
  • BPM: If you have a specific beats per minute (BPM) range for your soundtrack, this section can help you find it.
  • Vocals: You can filter these based on female, male, choir, harmony, etc.
  • Duration: This feature lets you filter music based on length, helping you find tracks that fit perfectly into your project's timeline.

In addition to these filters, you can choose ‘lyrical' or ‘instrumental' content, giving you even more control over your music selection.


audiio review

I briefly explored the playlists section and felt it was very helpful when searching for a specific style of song or track. For instance, I was looking for a cinematic track and navigated to that tab.

I was given multiple options to browse through. It was also super helpful to have a track playing in the background while navigating other songs simultaneously.

Playlists are organized by:

Audiio Review: Linkmatch AI

audiio review

Lastly, I explored Audiio's AI technology feature Linkmatch. I was quite impressed with this and felt it outshined my experience using the platform's sound effects and music options.

Here are three reasons why I found this tool to be particularly impressive:

  • Quick: The speed at which LinkMatch AI operates is one of its standout features. It swiftly generated a list of music suggestions based on my input. This significantly reduced the time I spent searching for the perfect track.
  • Easy: The simplicity of the LinkMatch AI interface makes it incredibly user-friendly. You navigate to Spotify and find a song that matches the vibe you're looking for. Use that link as your reference track.
  • Accurate: The accuracy of LinkMatch AI is pretty spot on. After pasting in a Spotify track, it accurately curated a list of songs and sounds from Audiio's library. These aligned closely with the vibe of the original track.

If you're intrigued by the fascinating ways AI is reshaping the music industry, check out this article on the best AI music generator today.

Audiio Alternatives

While Audiio is a great platform, here are some high-quality alternatives to consider in the royalty free music market:

Epidemic Sound

audiio review

Epidemic Sound is a global music tech company based in Stockholm, Sweden. It offers an impressive library of over 40,000 music tracks and 90,000 sound effects.

Epidemic Sound is committed to high-quality music for all types of content.

Take advantage of the company's 7-day free trial, where you can freely download and incorporate unlimited music into your videos or podcasts. No commitments or obligations are required during this trial period.


audiio review

Soundstripe stands out with its focus on quality over quantity, with six layers of quality control for every music track.

The platform is affordable, easy to navigate, and offers over 200,000 premium songs, sound effects, and video assets. It's a great choice for a wide range of project needs.


audiio review

Artlist offers an extensive catalog of high-quality music and sound effects. It also has unique plans that include templates, footage, plugins, and video & editing software tools.

The company updates its content daily and offers over 400,000 digital assets on the platform.

Audiio Review in Closing

audiio review

To sum up, this Audiio review reveals it to be a standout platform for high-quality music licensing. With its user-friendly interface, diverse genre variety, and innovative features like LinkMatch AI, Audiio stands out in the crowded field of music licensing platforms.

Its flexible subscription plans and comprehensive licenses add to its appeal. It undoubtedly provides a worry-free experience for users.

The talented team behind Audiio ensures the platform's commitment to quality and user satisfaction. So, if you're navigating the often complex world of music licensing, Audiio could be the solution you've been searching for.

If you're passionate about turning your love of music into a lucrative venture, check out this article on how to make money from music.

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