7 Awe-Inspiring Synthesia Alternatives That Help Bring Your Message To Life

Creating engaging videos is a crucial aspect of content marketing for any entrepreneur in the digital age. But the process can be time-consuming and costly, especially with traditional video editing tools. The popular AI program Synthesia has greatly simplified this process though with its automated video generation technology. But newer and more advanced Synthesia alternatives have emerged.

They tackle the challenges of time, cost, and complexity, offering an easy-to-use solution. From transcription and translation to voiceover, these programs offer a wide range of features.

So here are 7 artificial intelligence tools that can help you create stunning videos and bring your avatars to life.

Create AI Videos with These 7 Synthesia Alternatives

These generative AI programs create video clips in minutes and can also offer personalized videos depending on your specific branding needs.

While many of these programs offer the same video editing features as Synthesia, they also introduce new benefits that may be of interest.

1. Pictory: Best for AI Video Summaries and Highlights

Need a robust solution for your content marketing and social media video projects?

Pictory is your answer, and one of our favorite programs pioneering the AI video revolution. This AI-driven video platform is perfect for anyone who needs to create engaging micro-content from long-form videos.

Pictory uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate short, impactful snippets from your existing content. This web-based platform streamlines the content creation process, helping you save time, increase engagement, and extend your reach. It's particularly useful for digital creators, marketers, e-learning teams, and coaches.

With Pictory AI, you can:

  • Transform scripts into videos
  • Convert blog posts to videos
  • Edit videos using text
  • Create video highlights
  • Auto caption videos
  • Auto-summarize long videos

These features can save hours of video editing time, freeing up your schedule for other tasks. The tool's web-based interface also makes it accessible from any device without the need to install additional software on your computer.

Pricing: The starter plan begins at $19 a month, the professional plan at $39 a month, and the team plan at $99 a month.

2. HeyGen: Best For Professional and High-Quality Avatars

HeyGen emerges as a top Synthesia alternative for businesses aiming to produce high-quality, professional videos, especially notable for its superior avatars. This AI-driven platform simplifies the creation of engaging video content, making it an excellent option for both startups and established companies.

HeyGen, originally named “Movio,” was established in Los Angeles by founders Joshua Xu and Wayne Liang in November 2020 and is now known as a powerful but easy-to-use video creation tool.

This AI video creator shines with:

  • AI Avatars and Custom Avatars: Offers a wide range of realistic avatars, including the option to create personalized ones.
  • Text-to-Speech and Voice Cloning: Converts text into natural-sounding speech in various languages and allows for personal voice cloning.
  • Templates and ScriptGen AI: Access to over 300 customizable templates and AI-generated scripts for diverse content needs.
  • Integration with Canva: You can easily import HeyGen into Canva and create an even wider array of video content.

Ideal for crafting how-to videos, product demos, and training materials, HeyGen stands out among Synthesia alternatives for its ease of use and high-quality avatars.

It's particularly beneficial for those looking to create professional videos without extensive video editing skills or resources.

HeyGen's user-friendly interface and comprehensive features cater to a broad spectrum of video creation requirements, positioning it as a top solution for professional and high-quality avatar creation in the business world.

Pricing: HeyGen offers a free plan, a creator plan starting at $24 a month, and a business plan starting at $72 a month. Contact the organization for enterprise pricing.

3. Reface: Best For Altering Faces

Reface is an AI-powered app that specializes in face-swapping with a variety of avatars. Users can simply upload a selfie, choose a template, and watch as Reface animates their chosen avatar. The app provides a range of video templates, making it easy to produce engaging marketing videos.

It offers:

  • Over 35 different AI avatar styles
  • More than 100 options for face swapping
  • The ability to create avatars for both people and pets
  • Generation of 48 unique avatars per cycle
  • Creation of video, GIF avatars, and static images

Reface allows users to store up to five different faces within the app. This feature can be beneficial for enhancing blog posts or diversifying content on video platforms. Despite its advanced features, the editing process remains intuitive and straightforward.

While the free options are watermarked, they still offer a good opportunity for users to experiment with avatar creation for those who want to dip their toes in AI video creation tools.

Pricing: Reface is free to download and use with limited features. Various pro options are available after starting your account, with a weekly plan beginning at $6.99.

4. DeepBrain's AI Studios: Top Choice for Text-to-Speech Abilities

synthesia alternatives - deepbrain homepage screenshot

DeepBrain's AI Studios is an efficient tool for those seeking to transform their text-to-video or audio-to-video content. As a viable alternative to Synthesia, this platform excels with its superior text-to-speech feature and offers commendable audio quality.

You can customize the tones and accents of AI avatars to better resonate with your target audience. This capability can be leveraged across various sectors like education, sales, retail and commerce, and notably, financial services.

For instance, in South Korea, leading enterprises have utilized DeepBrain's avatars as virtual finance analysts and lobby assistants in bank kiosks.

Here's what comes with this AI video maker:

  • Over 100 AI avatars in 55+ languages
  • More than 500 pre-designed video templates
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop video editor with closed captioning
  • Compatibility with text and audio scripts
  • API access for Pro and Enterprise users

The tool's strong audio editing features and quick text-to-video content generation (usually under five minutes) are definite pros. However, keep in mind that the program has some limitations, such as import maximums and non-rollover of extra video minutes.

Setting up AI Studios might take a bit more work than other options as it doesn't have the most intuitive interface. But the flexible pricing is budget-friendly. You can pick how many video minutes you need each month.

Pricing: The starter plan begins at $30/month and the pro plan begins at $225. Contact AI Studios for enterprise pricing.

5. Steve AI

synthesia alternatives - steve ai homepage screenshot

The web-based platform Steve AI has the potential to completely revolutionize your video creation process. From the get-go, you'll be impressed with Steve AI's AI-powered script generation. The tool adeptly selects images that align perfectly with your themes.

And it doesn't stop there – it offers customization options that allow you to personalize your videos in a way that truly reflects your brand.

Highlights of Steve AI include:

  • AI-powered video script generation
  • Image selection aligned with your themes
  • Customization options for personalized output
  • User-friendly interface suitable for all experience levels
  • Cost-effective alternative to expensive software or professional editors

It also offers additional tools, such as collaborative workspaces for team projects and an upcoming feature to convert voiceovers into live videos.

Many users like the unique ‘Blog to Live Video' feature, which transforms your blog posts into live videos. Once your video is ready, you can export it in your preferred resolution and share it across various platforms.

Pricing: The basic plan starts at an affordable $15 per month. The starter plan begins at $45 per month while the pro plan starts at $60 a month. These rates are billed annually. Contact this AI company directly for enterprise pricing.

6. Synthesys

synthesia alternatives - synthesys homepage screenshot

The Synthesys AI Video Generator is one of the best AI tools for business owners with engaging, high-quality videos. This tool, perfect for marketers, trainers, and content creators alike, eliminates the need for traditional studio time, saving you both time and money.

Here's what Synthesys offers:

  • 485 voices across 140 languages
  • 70 Humatars
  • Voice Upload
  • Transitions
  • Import PPT, PDF
  • Video templates
  • Faceswap technology

Imagine creating interactive videos for marketing purposes from a vast library of voices and humatars. Or importing your PPT or PDF files to create training materials or e-learning modules. The video editing experience is straightforward and user-friendly.

Some users have reported app crashes and long wait times for video generation. Despite this possible drawback, Synthesys remains one of the best alternatives for generating AI-driven video content.

Pricing: Synthesys has more specific pricing on their monthly plans than other options on this list. AI image plans start at $19, AI voices plans start at $23, and AI humans plans start at $35 a month. These prices increase depending on the number of minutes you use in your AI generation.

7. Colossyan

synthesia alternatives - colossyan homepage screenshot

If you're a content creator, business owner, or part of a learning and development team looking to enhance your training or promotional videos, Colossyan is the tool for you. This AI video platform democratizes video content creation with its simple editor, transforming your text into high-quality, interactive videos.

Top features of Colossyan include:

  • 50+ High-Quality AI Avatars
  • 70+ Languages
  • AI Script Assistant
  • Custom AI Avatars
  • Video Customizations
  • PPT & PDF to Video

Colossyan allows you to create studio-quality videos at a fraction of traditional costs. The platform offers an impressive video editing experience, enabling you to deliver highly effective learning experiences.

Despite minor limitations, such as handling symbols, Colossyan continually innovates, providing new functionality to improve your video production process. Elevate your business with Colossyan's artificial intelligence-driven video creation.

Pricing: A starter plan, billed annually, is $28 a month. A pro plan begins at $96 a month. Reach out to this Synthesia alternative for enterprise pricing.

How To Use These 7 Synthesia Alternatives To Enhance Your Business

Here are a few case uses you can use these AI movie generator options for in your business:

  • Generate e-commerce product review videos
  • Create educational or training videos with a custom avatar for onboarding employees
  • Create persuasive visual content without employing an entire marketing team
  • Take a blog post and convert it into interactive content for social media platforms
  • Create AI-powered avatars that field FAQs and add a human touch to your knowledge base
  • Quickly edit small details like aspect ratio, background music, and captions without having to re-record entire videos
  • Translate your content into multiple languages for better accessibility
  • Create personalized video messages for customers or clients

When making your first AI video, it's always worth experimenting with a few different features to find the fastest and most accurate way to create your unique videos. To save time, document your process and create a video editing workflow that can be adjusted for future use.

Final Thoughts: 7 Synthesia Alternatives To Try

In our Synthesia IO review, you can see that this program is a solid choice for creating videos with the power of AI. But with Synthesia alternatives, you can find even more tools for your video-making and marketing needs.

Other choices may save you time, more effectively utilize your money, and even create better quality videos than Synthesia. Take time to review the strengths and weaknesses of each program and compare their features to those that you need most.

And remember, there's no need to stick with just one option. You can use multiple programs to cover all of your video-making bases. By using monthly subscriptions and taking advantage of trials, it can be a cost-effective way to find a perfect fit.

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