11 Solid Digital Marketing Business Ideas to Help You Earn a Living From Home!

You want to run a successful online business, but maybe you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ideas out there. From email marketing to optimizing for search engines, you have more options than ever before. Everyone can find something they are skilled at and market those skills. The question is: what digital marketing business ideas are calling to you?

If you need some digital marketing ideas to kickstart your brainstorming, here are our top choices for starting an online business that you will love for years to come.

Let's dive in!

11 Digital Marketing Business Ideas to Skyrocket Success

We have compiled the top eleven digital marketing business ideas to help you lay the foundation for success. Take a look here to see if anything sparks your interest, and then run with these digital marketing ideas!

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are one of the most difficult aspects of content marketing to manage. Perhaps this is why so many companies turn to search engine optimization experts to help manage their online business, such as a blog.

Without more eyes on their content, they have no way of making sales and nurturing their leads. This is where you come in.

Whether you are writing blogs or more technical white papers, an SEO expert knows how to get content to rank on Google. Of course, you might object, saying that you don't know how to get any content to show up on the search engines.

Fortunately, there are tons of tools at your disposal that can give you the advantage you need to run a successful search engine optimization business model.

One of the best tools you can use is Surfer SEO. It tells you what keywords to include in your content and the exact number of times to use it for success.

2. Social Media Marketing

Are you a genius when it comes to getting engagement on social media? It is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to get found on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Because of this, more business owners are willing to pay someone to manage their social media marketing for them.

This is a two-pronged approach: you will want to be concerned with both organic reach and paid ads. Your clients will rely on you for digital marketing ideas that can boost their engagement, help them to be seen by more clients, and ultimately close more sales.

To do this, you might create a content calendar and generate the actual copy or images to be used on the profile. You may also create a campaign aimed to drive engagement on a limited budget.

Bolstering a company's social media presence is crucial to its long-term success.

The good news is that it requires nothing in start-up costs for you to capitalize on these digital marketing business ideas.

3. Email Marketing

Do you want to know one of the main areas where business owners are increasing their spending? If you guessed email marketing, then you are absolutely right!

Hubspot found that 37 percent of people are increasing their email marketing budget because they see real engagement here.

What would you have to do to get involved in email marketing?

First, you might need to master programs like Convertkit or MailChimp. You may want to consider familiarizing yourself with several of them, as your clients will have different needs and budgets that lead them to use one service over another.

From here, you will need to devise a content strategy in terms of frequency and the type of content that goes out to a business's customers.

You will also be responsible for writing the content that goes out via the company's email marketing.

Don't forget that you can use tools like Jasper to help write the content going out.

Be sure to see our complete guide to email marketing here.

4. Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Do you dream of passive income that sweeps into your bank account while you sleep? If so, affiliate marketing might be the next right choice for you when it comes to digital marketing business ideas.

Under an affiliate marketing model, you can post reviews of items that you have personally used and loved.

All you have to do is refer your audience to a specific product or service using a personalized link.

In turn, the company you recommend will give you a portion of the sales or a set fee per lead. This content stays up on your social media channels or a blog on your own website all the time, meaning anyone can find it at any time.

You can always be drumming up sales, which leads to a great source of passive income.

5. Content Marketing and Creation

If you don't want to spend all of your time on social media channels, another online business idea is to specialize in content marketing and creation.

Under this model, you can help companies write blogs, e-books, lead magnets, and other content that plays into their marketing strategy.

This can dovetail nicely with SEO work, allowing you to command an even higher rate for your services.

In the past, you had to create all of the content on your own. Content marketers who weren't strong writers might have struggled to satisfy small business owners with their content.

Now, you can get perfect and grammatically correct content in the blink of an eye with AI writing tools.

Here is our guide to the ten best writing assistant software tools that can help you harness the power of AI to craft your own online business ideas.

6. Mobile Marketing Strategies

Another core marketing strategy that many small businesses need to think about is mobile marketing. More than 90 percent of businesses that use text message marketing report that their marketing is successful.

You can customize campaigns and loyalty programs that are generated via mobile.

Of course, you can also use market research to help companies with other types of mobile marketing. For example, you might help them create a mobile app that helps their customers with a certain skill or encourages them to pay for a subscription to a service.

This offers recurring income in the digital marketing industry and ensures that you will have work for years to come!

7. E-Commerce Marketing

Another option for digital marketing business ideas is the opportunity to market an e-commerce store. Some people have a natural knack for selling products but lack the skillset to design their own.

Now, you can capitalize on your advertising chops to further someone else's business and make a steady stream of income in the process.

You can utilize a variety of approaches to market an e-commerce business, which makes it great for those who have a hard time deciding on a business idea.

Email marketing, optimizing for search engines, video marketing, and even managing social media platforms are all crucial to sales success.

Eventually, you might even save up enough to have someone design an online store of your own. With the magic touch, this can be a very lucrative business.

8. Web Design or UX Design

Maybe you have a clear vision when it comes to web hosting services and website design. This is a more technical area that many business owners struggle with and are willing to outsource to someone else who has the time and expertise to create a polished page.

A website is the first impression that a client will often have with a brand and first impressions matter.

You will need a great eye for design and some basic know-how when it comes to HTML or CSS code. These skills can be taught in online certification courses or on platforms such as Udemy.

If you are serious about web design or UX design, it pays to know your way around the more technical aspects behind a well-designed website.

9. Consultancy Online Business

Do you know how to put together a master marketing strategy, how to leverage video marketing, or how to maximize social media channels for more sales?

Any time you have a specific skill that can be taught to others, you can launch a consulting business to make money online.

A profitable business can always use help in areas that aren't seeing as much growth. This is where you come in to help them as a strategic marketing analyst. You can consult on topics such as:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Optimizing for mobile devices
  • Launching a new business model or a new location
  • Online marketing strategies
  • Business plan writing to secure funding
  • Website design

Eventually, you might even transition to forming online courses that share your expertise so that you can help more people with your skills.

10. Copywriting

Maybe you have a knack for creating relevant content that converts from leads to sales. If you can connect to a target audience with ease, then copywriting might be the best digital marketing business idea for you.

Online businesses and even brick-and-mortar businesses need help writing their ad copy.

Copywriting is a specialized skill set that promotes a good or service to potential customers. Any type of copy that is featured in promotional material or advertisements is a form of copywriting.

We have a few guides on getting started with copywriting that you might find helpful if you are considering this type of digital business for yourself:

Even if you don't have the writing skills to position yourself as a strong copywriter, you have other options. Powerful AI tools like ChatGPT are great marketing tools that require little effort on your part. All you have to do is prompt the tool to come up with the right content, refine it a little bit, and have online marketing copy you can use anywhere.

Here is our guide to using ChatGPT for copywriting!

11. PPC Advertising Campaigns

Maybe writing the copy for advertising campaigns doesn't really strike your fancy. You can still earn a piece of the advertising pay by signing up clients to manage their pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

With a PPC model, they only pay when someone clicks on their advertisement.

This is a great way to help them be discovered on the search engines. Oftentimes, PPC ads will show up at the top of Google in a sponsored section, coming in even higher than the highest-ranking page with SEO.

While it may sound like a no-brainer to create ads that people click on, there is definitely an art form to managing PPC campaigns. You will need to keep close tabs on them at all times, refining the copy and seeing what works to convert more customers.

Testing new forms of the ad is crucial to hitting gold when it comes to finding the perfect copy.

While you can use AI tools to help you create ad ideas, it will be up to you to monitor them for long-term success and to act as a strategic marketing analyst.

Final Thoughts: Digital Marketing Business Ideas to Earn a Living

Digital marketing business ideas are a great way to earn a solid living from the comfort of your own home. Whether you decide to cater to mobile devices, email marketing, or some other type of marketing tools, you will have the foundation laid for a successful career.

Keep in mind that these business ideas are not necessarily passive income generators. They may require some time and investment on your part to get these digital businesses off the ground, as well as hands-on time keeping the wheels on the business.

You may even be paid hourly for some of this work, making it more likely that you will have to put hours in if you want to reap a paycheck.

If you are more interested in businesses that run themselves, be sure to see our other article here.

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