10 Buzzsumo Alternatives Stirring Up the Content Marketing World

Buzzsumo is a popular platform for analyzing content and monitoring social media trends. But it’s always a good idea to test and diversify your marketing tools, and there are plenty of high-quality Buzzsumo alternatives that can provide similar or even better features.

But how do you discern which options are worth your time?

We’ve researched and tested 10 of the top Buzzsumo alternatives so you can review a shortlist and make the best choice for your business.

10 Buzzsumo Alternatives To Try

Each of the following tools offers unique features, integrations, and pricing options. With impeccable track records, they’re worthy Buzzsumo alternatives.

SEMRush stands out as a powerful and popular alternative to BuzzSumo. This tool is designed for everyone, from brand managers to digital marketers, looking for a comprehensive online visibility tool. SEMRush helps you discover top keywords and search phrases, perfect for your website, blog, or online marketing campaigns, keeping you ahead in the competitive market.

In comparison to BuzzSumo, SEMRush provides a more extensive suite of tools, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a well-rounded marketing solution.

The program offers the following features:

  • Competitive keyword analysis with the Keyword Magic Tool
  • Robust content marketing suggestions and analysis
  • Daily rank tracking
  • Ability to generate content ideas online
  • Content creation and distribution

SEMRush also allows you to analyze your competitors’ marketing tactics, offering a holistic view of your industry’s landscape. With its free trial, you can explore its vast capabilities before committing to a plan.

With SEMRush, you can streamline content marketing by integrating it with popular platforms like WordPress.

However, while SEMRush offers a great price-to-value ratio, its pricing model might seem steep to some users. Plus, to fully leverage this tool, you may need some prior experience in digital marketing. Still, the service is a great value for its capabilities.

Pricing: The Pro plan starts at $129.95 a month, the Guru plan at $249.95 a month, and the Business plan at $499.95 a month.

For those wrestling with the daunting task of finding influencers, Ninja Outreach steps into the ring as a formidable BuzzSumo alternative. This tool doesn’t just make your job easier; it transforms the entire process.

With a simple keyword, Ninja Outreach becomes your digital detective, sniffing out influencer profiles and business pages that align with your campaign goals.

Here’s what you get access to in a Ninja Outreach plan:

  • A link-building software that does all the heavy lifting
  • An influencer CRM that feels like having a personal assistant
  • Marketing tools designed for agencies thinking big
  • Automated email campaigns complete with insightful analytics

Ninja Outreach can streamline communication and maintain accurate customer records. This tool can find top influencers for your social media marketing strategies within minutes, no matter where in the world they are.

But, every service has a weakness. Ninja Outreach might overwhelm beginners with its plethora of features, and it doesn’t play well with all social media software, making it a bit frustrating for those looking for a social media management platform.

So, if you’re ready to shake up your content discovery process and generate trending content ideas with ease, Ninja Outreach is ready to take you on that journey.

Pricing: The Bronze Ninja plan is $49 a month, the Silver Ninja plan at $99 a month, and the Gold Ninja plan at $199 a month.

3. SocialPilot: Powerful Influencer Discovery Tool

Navigating the labyrinth of social media can be a Herculean task. Enter Social Pilot, your compass in this vast digital realm. This tool is more than just a BuzzSumo alternative; it’s a game-changer for content creators and marketers alike.

With its influencer discovery feature, you can pinpoint key players across social media channels that align with your brand and audience. Effortlessly navigate through vast influencer databases by applying filters such as niche, location, audience demographics, and engagement rate to pinpoint your ideal influencer.

Key features of SocialPilot include:

  • Geographic-based topic searches
  • Content discovery via Twitter handles
  • Single-click multi-platform publishing
  • Advanced filtering options

SocialPilot shines in streamlining content marketing by simplifying content curation and scheduling posts. Its easy dashboard stream creation allows you to manage multiple social accounts with ease, while its deep keyword search feature gives you an edge in competitor research.

However, its Achilles’ heel lies in the lack of an auto-post feature linking to Instagram. Despite this, with its affordable pricing and features like Google Trends displays, it remains a solid choice for keeping your finger on the pulse of social media conversations.

Pricing: The Professional plan is $22.50 a month, the Small Team plan at $37.50 a month, the Agency plan at $75.00 a month, and the Agency+ plan at $150.00 a month, all billed annually.

As a content marketer or social media marketing professional, you’re always looking for the best BuzzSumo alternatives to assist in your content discovery process. Google Trends is a free tool that can be an essential part of your content ideation process and content research.

With no setup required and excellent customer support, Google Trends remains one of the best free BuzzSumo alternatives. It’s a great place to get started for finding trends for social media platforms, blogs, and more.

Key features include:

  • Comparison of search terms
  • Displays keyword/topic use on interactive geographical maps
  • Keyword search/comparison by time and location
  • Graphical representation of search results

Google Trends allows you to tap into trending content, providing clear insights into what your target audience is interested in. It’s not limited by geographical boundaries, making it an excellent choice for global content marketing (but you’ll also want to check out our guide to Google Trends keyword tips to learn more).

Pricing: Google Trends is a free tool.

5. Content Studio: Best Option for Organizing Trend Data

If you’re a marketer in search of a way to grow and manage multiple channels, Content Studio is your go-to social media management platform. This powerful tool is designed for those who want to manage social media posts and blog content more effectively.

The organizational tools that Content Studio provides allow marketers to create a library of content for future use.

Content Studio shines with the following key features:

  • Content discovery and insights
  • Multi-channel composer
  • Planner & calendar for content management
  • Automation workflows for fast streamlined work

With Content Studio, you can generate engaging content ideas and streamline your content ideation process. Before you even decide to hit publish, Content Studio gives you a heads-up on whether your post has the potential to go viral. This takes the guesswork out of your social media strategy and gives you an idea of how well you’ll perform.

Compared to BuzzSumo and other social media platforms, Content Studio stands out as an all-in-one solution.

Pricing: The Starter plan is $25 a month, the Pro plan at $49 a month, and the Agency plan at $99 a month.

6. DrumUp: An Affordable Plan

On the hunt for a BuzzSumo alternative that won’t break the bank? DrumUp could be your answer. It’s a tool designed for those looking to manage their social media content and brand while discovering great content for endless ideas.

You can expect the following content creation features:

  • Daily content recommendations
  • Automated repeat scheduling
  • A content library feature
  • An emoji and GIF library
  • Auto-post linking your website to social media platforms
  • A free plan after the trial with limited yet valuable features

DrumUp offers a clean, user-friendly interface that simplifies your content ideation process. It automatically schedules your social media posts, saving you from tedious manual publishing. The platform even generates relevant suggestions for new posts based on past successful content.

Compared to other social media platforms, DrumUp integrates with all major advertising networks, which helps you understand what works best for your audience. This way, you can curate engaging content ideas and discover trending topics more effectively.

Drumup is also one of the few BuzzSumo alternatives offering a free plan. While it has limited features, it’s a great tool for shoestring budgets.

Pricing: After a trial, you’ll have a limited free plan forever. The Starter plan starts at $15 a month, the Pro plan at $39 a month, and the Small Business plan at $79 a month.

Looking for a tool that gives you a pulse on your brand’s online presence? Mention might be one of the BuzzSumo alternatives you need. This platform is perfect for content marketers who want to dive deep into market research data and gain insights into what people are saying about their brand.

Here’s what Mention offers subscribers:

  • Powerful social analytics features
  • Keyword targeting and custom reports
  • Accurate standard alerts
  • Content sharing with social communities

Mention excels in monitoring over 1 billion sources, providing a comprehensive view of your brand’s digital footprint. It’s an excellent tool for competitor analysis, allowing you to track referring domains and engage with RSS feeds. Share key industry insights with your team and leverage user search interest data to refine your content strategy.

The lower-priced versions offer limited features, and compared to other BuzzSumo alternatives, it’s a bit pricier. But if you’re seeking a tool that provides access to key features and helps you stay on top of your brand’s online conversations, Mention is worth considering.

Pricing: The Solo plan is $41 per month, the Pro plan at $83 per month, and the ProPlus plan at $149 per month.

8. Feedly: Best RSS Feed For Following Content

If you’re a digital marketer seeking a customized feed filled with content ideas, Feedly might be one of the best BuzzSumo alternatives for you. This tool offers an RSS feed for content discovery and reading, tailored to your niche.

Key features of Feedly include:

  • Advanced filters for targeted insights
  • Identifies trends that matter to you
  • Share key industry insights with your team
  • Built-in AI research assistant

Feedly excels in content freshness and curation, helping you filter engaging content ideas and keep distracting content at bay. It aids in social media performance analysis and enables you to publish content instantaneously.

However, it lacks advanced features like outreach. But if you’re focused on content strategy and want to stay updated with market research data, Feedly is a solid choice.

Pricing: The Pro plan is $6 and the Pro+ plan is $8.35 per month when billed annually.

9. Sprout Social: Easy Mention and Comment Following

Sprout Social is a BuzzSumo alternative that consolidates your social media management tasks. It’s an ideal tool for those who juggle multiple social media accounts and aim to streamline their social media marketing process.

The best key features of Sprout Social include:

  • Cross-network scheduling tool
  • Campaign tracking and conversation management across platforms
  • Comprehensive, customizable reporting tools
  • Integration with major social media brands
  • Chatbot builder for automated audience engagement
  • Social CRM for audience management

Sprout Social also allows you to track and respond to social media messages and reviews from a single dashboard. However, its pricing is higher compared to other tools, making it more suitable for larger teams or financially robust entrepreneurs.

Check out our complete Sprout Social review for even more features and benefits of this Buzzsumo alternative.

Pricing: Sprout Professional costs $399 per month, each additional user is $299/mo

10. Social Animal: Best For Competitor Comparisons

Social Animal is a versatile content marketing tool, often considered a notch above BuzzSumo for its expansive content discovery and research capabilities.

Key features include:

  • Personalized daily reports
  • Insights on optimal content length and publishing time
  • Comprehensive content performance analysis across platforms

With Social Animal, you get more than just relevant content; you gain insights into when and how to publish for maximum impact. This tool, often likened to a ‘Swiss Army knife’, is ideal for those seeking deeper market research data and instant content discovery.

Pricing: The Blogger plan is $41 a month, the Agency plan at $166 a month, and the Enterprise plan at $416 a month when billed annually.

Final Thoughts: 10 Buzzsumo Alternatives that are Redefining Content Marketing

BuzzSumo is a fantastic platform for content marketers looking to find engaging content ideas and monitor their brand’s performance.

But now that you’ve reviewed these 10 Buzzsumo alternatives, you have a wide range of options to choose from. So go ahead and try, test, and enjoy the results that these programs offer.

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