10 Best Relationship Affiliate Programs: Love & Commissions

Relationship affiliate programs are where your passion for matchmaking meets the power of profit! I'm here to guide you through the lucrative landscape of love.

In this article, we'll unveil the secrets to the best affiliate programs in the niche. We’ll identify the most rewarding affiliate marketing program. And how you can use its marketing material to speak to hearts seeking companionship.

Top Relationship Affiliate Programs

Explore the lucrative world of love with our top relationship affiliate programs. Start earning from the business of bringing hearts together!

1. Elite Singles Affiliate Program

The Elite Singles dating affiliate program offers a simple way to earn commissions.

Elite Singles Affiliate Program.

Elite Singles focuses on matching professional individuals with similar economic and educational backgrounds.

Some people might see this as being snobbish. Yet, the platform is successful because it focuses on a specific idea. It caters to people who prefer to date others in their social class or with a similar education level.

This approach is a unique selling point for Elite Singles and can appeal to a specific audience.

The payout is $7 for each lead directed to the Elite Singles dating site.

One advantage of the Elite Singles program is that the person clicking on the affiliate link doesn't necessarily have to create an account for the affiliate to earn the commission.

The referral needs to complete the site's personality test. Additionally, they must meet specific minimum requirements set for new members.

Commission: $7
3 Month EPC: 8.55 USD
Cookie Duration: 45 days
EliteSingles Affiliate program: FlexOffers or CJ (via Lasso)

2. Cupid Media Affiliate Program

Cupid Media operates 32 affiliate networks and two blogs. It offers a diverse range of dating affiliate networks in the niche.

These sites collectively reach over 55 million customers worldwide. They have a strong track record in the dating industry.

Cupid Media Affiliate Program.

Their dating application offers some attractive features:

Commission Qualification
To earn a commission, affiliates must convince their readers to sign up for a paid Gold or Platinum-level membership.

Variety of Niche Sites
Cupid Media operates a range of niche dating sites. These have a membership base from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

  • Colombian Cupid
  • Interracial Cupid
  • Asian Dating.

The sign-up process for their program is relatively straightforward. You can join on their website. They typically respond within 48 hours to approve your application.

Cupid Media affiliate program.

3. eHarmony Affiliate Program

eHarmony, a dating website since 1997, is known for its effective matching method. This method uses eHarmony’s 29-step personality test.

It has been responsible for around 2 million successful relationships.

eHarmony Affiliate Program.

The eHarmony program targets audiences in:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia.

As a promoter, you’ll earn $10 for each completed relationship questionnaire. The program is particularly appealing due to its 30% commission per sale. This makes it a lucrative option for the affiliate marketer.

After approval as a partner, you get access to updated promotional material and special offers.

eHarmony has a reputation as the most trusted dating site. This makes the program easy for affiliate marketers to promote.

Commission Rate: $10/lead or 30%/sale
3 Month EPC: 241.95 USD
Cookie Duration: 45 days
eHarmony program: CJ Affiliate

4. Silver Singles Affiliate Program

SilverSingles is a dating site targeted at professionals over 50. This makes it a unique option in the dating affiliate market.

Silver Singles Affiliate Program.

SilverSingles offers a lively and positive environment for singles over 50. It allows them to discover precisely what they're looking for in a relationship through its user-friendly dating apps.

Their program operates differently by offering a pay-per-lead commission structure. This means that affiliates can earn a passive income of $7 per completed signup. And that is regardless of the length of the user's subscription. This can be great for consistent earnings.

SilverSingles has a targeted demographic. And it is a strong brand, both online and in TV presence. However, the program's terms might not be as lucrative as others in the market due to the flat rate per signup.

Commission Rate: $7 per completed signup
3 Month EPC: 7.87 USD
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Silver Singles Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate Network

5. Match.com Affiliate Program

Match.com is one of the most popular dating sites. It has 30 million monthly visits. And it offers a lucrative opportunity when it comes to relationship affiliate programs.

Match.com Affiliate Program.

The site is known for its high-quality interface and diverse user base. It has been refining its online dating services since 1993.

A successful affiliate can join the program via Commission Junction.

Key highlights of the Match.com affiliate program include:

  • Special discount codes for generating more leads
  • Extra bonuses for top-performing affiliate partners
  • Dedicated marketing team support.

The program's high “Network Earnings” score indicates that affiliates are making money successfully. Some of the top affiliates reportedly earn a large monthly income. This makes Match.com a profitable option for those in the dating niche.

Commission Rate: Sale: 30%, Lead: 3.00 GBP
3 Month EPC: 40.26 GBP
Cookie Duration: 120 days
Match.com Affiliate program: Commission Junction

6. Zoosk Affiliate Program

Zoosk is a well-known dating website with 40 million users. It is noted for its use of “behavioral matchmaking technology.” This approach uses big data to pair members with compatible matches based on user activity across the site.

Zoosk Affiliate Program.

Zoosk stands out due to its personalized dating experience. It uses its behavioral matchmaking technology to learn from over 35 million members' actions. With this information, Zoosk delivers better real-time matches. It also boasts the #1 grossing online dating app in the Apple App Store.

Zoosk has a solid global presence in the online dating market. It is available in over 80 countries and boasts translations into 25 languages.

This and its recognizable brand make promoting Zoosk relatively more straightforward for affiliates.

Affiliate Commission: $4 per registration
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Zoosk Affiliate Platform: Lasso

7. Single Parent Meet Affiliate Program

SingleParentMeet.com is a niche dating site designed for single parents who want to meet other single parents.

Single Parent Meet Affiliate Program.

This approach is attractive for people seeking partners who understand the challenges of being single parents. It helps find compatible matches for them.

The site's affiliate program is particularly attractive due to its generous terms.

This program has a high conversion rate. It also offers a big 50% commission and a long cookie duration. These factors make it one of the top dating affiliate programs for single parents.

The site targets a specific group of people. This makes it easier for affiliates to promote as the service matches what potential members are looking for.

Commission Rate: 50%
Cookie Duration: 120 days
Single Parent Meet Affiliate program: Lasso

8. Jdate Affiliate Program

The Jdate affiliate program is managed through CJ Affiliate. It is tailored to the niche market of Jewish dating.

Jdate Affiliate Program.

Jdate is part of Spark Networks. It caters to Jewish singles seeking relationships within their faith. The affiliate product addresses a significant demand in this dating site sub-niche.

It has a relatively low “Network Earnings” score. But this can be attributed to the smaller global Jewish population (approximately 15 million). Yet, the program offers unique opportunities given its targeted audience.

The strength of Jdate lies in its specialized focus and the successful, relatable stories featured on its active blog. These can be leveraged by a content creator as social proof in marketing efforts.

Jdate presents a focused and rewarding opportunity. In particular for potential affiliates looking to tap into the Jewish dating market.

Commission Rate: $2 per lead
3 Month EPC: 4.64 USD
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Affiliate Program: Jdate affiliate program (CJ)

9. Christian Mingle Affiliate Program

Christian Mingle affiliate program offers a unique opportunity given its specific target audience. And its affiliation with CJ Affiliate simplifies joining and managing the program.

Christian Mingle Affiliate Program.

Christian Mingle regularly pays many affiliates, showing a steady rate of successful referrals. This happens even though the commission rate is not very high.

This, combined with the significant target market of Christian singles in North America and worldwide, makes it a potentially profitable option for affiliates focusing on the Christian dating niche.

Commission Rate: $2 per lead
3 Month EPC: 3.24 USD
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Affiliate Program: Christian Mingle (CJ Affiliate)

10. Christian Cafe Affiliate Program

Christian Cafe presents an opportunity for dating affiliates targeting the Christian demographic.

Christianity is the world's biggest religion, with about 2.4 billion followers. In America, around 63% of the population is Christian (210 million), and 24% of U.S. adults describe themselves as born-again Christians. This means there's a large potential audience for this niche.

Christian Cafe Affiliate Program.

The affiliate program is managed by CJ Affiliate. This makes it easy to track and manage your statistics and earnings.

Overall, Christian Cafe is one of the best affiliate programs. It is attractive due to its high commission rate, extended cookie duration, and significant target audience. This makes it an appealing option for affiliates with a Christian audience. Or those able to recommend Christian dating sites.

Commission Rate: 40% on sale
Cookie Duration: 120 days
Affiliate Program: Christian Cafe

Why Choose Relationship Affiliate Programs?

The online dating market is dynamic and growing fast. It has diverse user preferences. And several well-known brands. This makes it an attractive and lucrative field for affiliates.

The online dating market's profitability for affiliates stems from several key aspects:

Significant Market Growth
Valued at USD 9,423.77 billion in 2022, the market is projected to reach USD 15,789.48 billion by 2030 . This expansion signifies a booming industry with ample revenue opportunities for potential affiliates.

Increasing Single Population
More singles around the world are using online dating. This creates a more responsive audience for affiliates to target with their marketing efforts.

Diverse User Preferences
Users have particular interests and lifestyle preferences for partners. This creates a need for specialized dating services. Affiliate partners can focus on these different areas.

Market Segmentation
The market's segmentation enables a partner to target specific niches for more efficient marketing:

  • Subscription models
  • Demographics
  • Geographies. 

Subscription-Based Revenue
Many dating services operate on subscription models. This allows affiliates to earn recurring commissions, creating a more stable income.

Why choose a dating affiliate program.

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Relationship Affiliate Programs: Conclusion

The door to rewarding connections is wide open!

Joining these programs isn't just about partnerships. It's about turning every click into lasting income.

The brands have user-friendly interfaces, generous commissions, and many relationship-focused products. With all this, your affiliate journey is poised for success!

Use this opportunity to amplify your earnings while fostering meaningful connections.

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